UC52 April 1982

UC52 035
Undercurrents 52 April 1982 

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2 Eddies – News from everywhere 

6 Letters

8 Briggs Bomb Bogey – Has Raymond Briggs gone anti-nuke? – Pat Sinclair

10 Science Fictions – UC investigates recent reports of an exploding chemical warfare establishment in the USSR

11 Women in Radio – What are the chances for feminist radio? – Women’s Airwaves (WAV)

13 Diary of a Safety Valve – Reds, Lech Walesa’s moustache and the Work Ethic: Tony Allen

14 Gospel at Gunpoint – Missionary zeal goes OTT in Paraguay: Pat Sinclair

16 Exploding TV – The collapse of mainstream TV: Stuart Hood 

18 Tyne for a Change – If you must work, do something useful. Jobs report from Newcastle

20 Himalayan Tech – Technology strategies in Nepal: William Ellis

22 Beyond the Beast – Human experiments, atomic veterans and the environmental cost of Japan’s economic ‘miracle’: John May

23 Weird Stuff Bulletin – Dong! Haunted clocks mystery: Paul Sieveking

24 Whats What & Whats When:

26 Reviews – Books, video, music and a new science fiction column

31 Classified Ads

32 Froth – Gossip, trivia and malicious rumour: Loony Doomster

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