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UC48 November 1981

Undercurrents 48 November 1981  Open Issuu in a new window 2 Eddies – Windscale leak/Riot research/RTZ in Panama/Solar mega-congress  6 Letters 8 Women Against Missiles – Ann Pettit reports from the Greenham Common Peace camp  10 Free Sexuality – Wenke Mulheisen: Breaking down couple relationships in the new communes: the end of the nuclear family?  […]

UC47 Trees and Forests September 1981

__________________________________________________________________________ Undercurrents 47 Trees & Forests Issue September 1981  Open Issuu in a new window 1 Eddies: News from everywhere 5 What’s What & What’s When 7 Give Trees a Chance – World Forest Action Group: Why forests matter  8 The Chain Saw Massacre – Herbie Girardet: Just how serious is the problem? 9 Trees Please! […]

Going Down For The Third Time: A financial report from 1981

“Publishing has much in common with gambling: the player either takes a risk or quits the game. And the one impulse that separates publishers from their more raffish fellow gamblers is that publishers believe that they place their bets for the good of society.” JP Morpurgo in his Life of Allen Lane: King Penguin. 1980, […]

UC46 Women in Co-ops June-July 1981

Open Issuu in a new window Undercurrents 46 June-July 1981  1 Eddies – News from everywhere 7 What’s When & What’s What 9 Women in Co-ops 10 Room At The Top – Anna Whyatt: Where have all the women gone? 12 Looking Back At Uhuru – Tess McMahon: Co-ops and women’s liberation  13 Natural Cycles […]

UC45 April-May 1981

Open Issuu in a new window. 1  Eddies: News from everywhere 7  What’s When & What’s What 9  Women in Co-ops – Tam Dougan: What’s up at t’Co-op Fair 10 The Westminster Zoo – Bob Housman: A look behind the House of Commons facade 12 Pros and Cons – Jo Pacino: How male chauvinist laws oppress […]