UC04 Spring 1973


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Undercurrents 04 Spring 1973 Contents

2 Editorial

5 Undercurrents of Chauvinism? – Lyn Gambles

6 Preview: Where the Double Vision Begins? / SoleriPeter Sommer

8 Eco Theatre Comes to London – Rick Witcombe

10 Retroview: Reports from the dead have been greatly exaggerated / A follower for AlgernonDavid Gardiner

12 Letters: Martin Ince on Velikovsky

13-16 Environmentalists vs. Ecologists: an interview with Murray BookchinEugene Eccli

17-20 The Menace of Mobility – Roger Franklin

21-24 What Kinds of Alternative? What Kind of Scotland? – Mike Grey

25-32 The Chile Community: A Proposed Socio-Ecological Experiment

33-36 Chemicals from Biological Sources – Alan Dalton

37 The Catalogue: An Index of Possibilities

39-42 Ramifications and Propagations of Street Farm – Bruce Haggart & Graham Caine

43-46 Street Farmhouse [photo feature]

47-50 The Endangered Species Campaign – Friends of the Earth


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  1. […] grainy images are not easy to read but if you go to Undercurrents Issue 4 on the digital archive you can expand the images online and see the photo feature for yourself on […]

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