UC03 Autumn/Winter 1972

UC03 ofc

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Undercurrents 03 Autumn/Winter 1972: Contents

2 Free the Media [editorial]

5 Eddies [news]

12 Small ads

13 Letters

14 Motoring Guardian

15 GEC Report and Koestler

16 blank??

17-26 Alternative Technology Guide

27-29 Cure All: Ginseng

30 Cure All? Why Cancer Research

31 Windpower – Andrew Mackillop

32-35 Radical Technologists: Workers Control in an Urban CommunityDave Hayes, Robin Fielder and Mavis Kirkham

36 ‘In The Making’: Suggestions for a Directory of Proposed Projects for Radical TechnologyRobin Fielder and Brian Bridge

37 Eco-Unit – John Wood

39–42 The Oil Industry: Unemotive Exploitation

43-46 Velikovsky Foils the Inquisitors – Godfrey Boyle

47-50 Velikovsky

51-53 Reviews


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