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Going Down For The Third Time: A financial report from 1981

“Publishing has much in common with gambling: the player either takes a risk or quits the game. And the one impulse that separates publishers from their more raffish fellow gamblers is that publishers believe that they place their bets for the good of society.” JP Morpurgo in his Life of Allen Lane: King Penguin. 1980, […]

UC Manifesto

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The Undercurrents index

• UNDERCURRENTS, the magazine of radical science and alternative technology [ISSN 0306 2392], was published from London, England, from 1972 to 1984 [No. 63]. This Index covers UC01 [Spring 1972] – UC43 [December 1979-January 1980]: the first nine years. It was created by Charmian Larke of the Alternative Technology Information Group. There is no index […]