UC47 Trees and Forests September 1981

UC47 035

Undercurrents 47 Trees & Forests Issue September 1981 

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1 Eddies: News from everywhere

5 What’s What & What’s When

7 Give Trees a Chance – World Forest Action Group: Why forests matter 

8 The Chain Saw Massacre – Herbie Girardet: Just how serious is the problem?

9 Trees Please! – Robert Hart: What’s more, they can help to feed us 

11 Breath of Life – George Breuer: All about carbon dioxide levels 

12 To Tree or Not to Tree? – Janet Stewart: The low-down on Britain’s forestry policy 

14 Green Deserts – David Mulligan: Why Suffolk people are helping with Sudanese tree-planting 

16 In Defence of Forest People In Amazonia – Conrad Gorinsky interviewed: a way of life is disappearing 

18 Hug the Trees to Save Them – Bharat Dogra: A report on the Indian Chipko movement 

21 Everyone a Loser – John Middleton: Don’t be fooled – nuclear war’s a killer 

23 But is it Therapy? – John Ford: The art of curing the mentally ill 

25 Letters: Views from everywhere 

26 Reviews

30 Small Ads

32 Back Numbers and Sub Form


Published by Undercurrents Ltd, 27 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R OAT. Full details of editorial meetings, distribution, etc. are on page 31. ISSN 0306 2392


Read All About It … 

YOU MAY have been wondering what has been happening to your favourite mag: this issue is an economy size 36-pager and we’re late for the first time in five years. We have been undergoing a crisis, financial and otherwise, which led to proposals (now rejected) that we become a glossy science and technology magazine (with management hierarchy thrown in).

We rejected the offer because we feel there is a continuing need to cover the issues that Undercurrents has been covering, and to do so more thoroughly. We have decided, therefore, to relaunch as a monthly from the November issue (in fact ten times a year, with a break at Xmas and mid-summer}, This will enable us to have up-to-date News and Events pages among other advantages.

We hope to live up to the Big Red Diary comment that Undercurrents is “The central source of information on radical alternatives” by expanding the events and contacts section, and printing more articles on what is happening on the alternative scene abroad.

We will continue to bring you vital infor­mation on nuclear politics weapons, counter­culture, the state, radical science, experiments in lifestyles and working, weirdness, sexual politics, humour, co-operatives and practical alternatives to the drift to either 1984 or destruction.

But to do this we need your help, editorial contributions, subscriptions and donations. (As little as one pound from each of our readers would put us on a firm footing for a long time to come.)


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