UC48 November 1981

UC48 035
Undercurrents 48 November 1981 

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2 Eddies – Windscale leak/Riot research/RTZ in Panama/Solar mega-congress 

6 Letters

8 Women Against Missiles – Ann Pettit reports from the Greenham Common Peace camp 

10 Free Sexuality – Wenke Mulheisen: Breaking down couple relationships in the new communes: the end of the nuclear family? 

12 Nukespeak – Paul Chilton: the chilling distortions of language in the Second Cold War 

15 Democracy – Edward Bond

16 Mutation Utopias and Magic – Arthur Shingles interviews William Burroughs 

18 CB Mania – Easy Riser: Anarchy on the airwaves 

20 Miracle Cures – Paul Sieveking‘s phenomena update 

21 Diary of a Safety Valve – Tony Alien, of the Comic Strip, takes a swing at pacifism 

22 African Energy Blues – David Ross: the UN renewable energy conference in Nairobi 

23 Travel – Nicholas Albery: A new section, bringing you features on different approaches to travel, escapism and rip-off tours

24 Et Cetera

25 What’s When & Where

26 Reviews

30 Classified

32 Froth – Loony Doomster on the rampage & Subscription Form


This is the first issue of the new monthly Undercurrents. We hope you like it. We know it’s not perfect yet, but we’re working on it. So send us your contributions and suggestions. Going monthly (except for a break in January and August) will enable us to cover events and news much more efficiently – but it involves greater expense in producing the magazine. Please subscribe! We have a re-launch offer of £6 for 10 issues, and if you can manage a donation, every centime counts in our battle for world domin­ation by 1984. Our thanks to those who have already contributed.

Undercurrents was brought to you by: Peter CuIshaw: features and reviews; Nick Hanna: news and features; Dave Smith: production; Tam Dougan: Subscriptions co-ordinator; Lowana Veal, Antonia Millan: listings; Will Hill: cover design and logo; Wilf Adamson: cartoons.

Ably assisted by: Godfrey Boyle, Doug Bollen, Bill Flatman, Stephen Joseph, Helen McEwan, Julian Rothenstein and one or two others we’ve probably forgotten.

Undercurrents Ltd is a company registered under the laws of England (no 1146454) and limited by guarantee. Tenth year of issue. ISSN 0306 2392.

EDITORIAL OFFICE: 27 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R OAT. Tel: 01-2537303.

ACCESS: We meet at 7.30pm every Wednes­day and all friends of the magazine are welcome.

Copy DATE: Undercurrents 49 (December) will be on sale Saturday 28th November. Closing date for last minute items is November 11.

DISTRIBUTION: Within the British Isles by Fulltime Distribution, Building K, Albion Yard, 17 Balfe St, London N1 (01-8371460). In the US by Carrier Pigeon, Room 309, 75 Kneeland St, Boston, Mass 0211. Our US mailing agents are Expediters of the Printed Word, 527 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10022.

PRINTER: Western Web Offset, 59 Prince St, Bristol 1.

TYPESETTING: Bread ‘n Roses (01·485 4432)

COPYRIGHT: The contents of Undercurrents are copyright: permission to reprint is freely given to non-profit groUps who apply in writing, and sold to everyone else.

ADVERTISING: We do not accept advert­ising that is racist or sexist, and reserve the right to comment editorially on our advert­isers. When replying to ads please mention that you saw them in Undercurrents. For further details and advertising rates phone Nick Hanna on 01 253 7303 or 01 278 6327.


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