UC49 December 1981

UC49 035
Undercurrents 49 December 1981

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2 Eddies
6 Letters
8 Alternative Defence – Paul Smoker
10 Super-8 Films – Jo Comino
12 Genderless Economics – Ivan Illich
14 Co-opposition – Freer Spreckley
16 Good Afternoon, objects – not HM the Queen
18 Diary of a Safety Valve – Tony Allen
19 Eire: the new West Coast- Nick Wates
22 Travel – Nick Rogers
23 What’s When & Where
25 Reviews
30 Classifieds
32 Froth: Loony Doomster’s Last Word

Undercurrents was produced by: Peter Culshaw, Nick Hanna, Dave Smith, Tam Dougan, Lowana Veal, Antonia Millan, and Godfrey Boyle. Cover: Will Hill.

Ably assisted by: Dave Elliott, Bill Flatman, Steve Joseph and Mary McHarg.

ISSN 0306 2392


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