UC50 February 1982

UC50 051


Undercurrents 50 February 1982
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2 Eddies

6 Letters

8 A Hard Rain’s A’Gonna Fall: investigation into chemical and biological warfare – People’s News Service 

12 Acting Up: Community theatre in Glasgow – Paul Yeoman 

14 CND and END: Campaign strategies for 1982 – Simon Mellor 

15 Planning for Real: A model method for changing your neighbourhood – Tony Gibson

19 Disarming Thinking: Bomb politics: – Martin H Ryle

24 Paternal Bliss: Friedrichshaf was never like this in the brochure – Nicholas Albery

26 Diary of a Safety Valve – Tony Allen

27 Weird stuff bulletin – Paul Sieveking

In the beginning: Undercurrents came in a plastic bag – how naive can you get! – Godfrey Boyle

31 10 Years that didn’t shake the world – Stephen Joseph

33 Alternative Technology Revisited: Peter Harper

36 What’s What and What’s When

38 Reviews

46 Classified

48 Subscriptions and Froth – Loony Doomster on the rampage


THIS is our 50th issue and 10th anniver­sary – frankly we’re amazed but happy to be here. The magazine seems to be in good shape, though, in independent publishing, financial problems are never far away. The greatly increased interest in the issues that we cover – from the anti-nuke and peace movements, to co-ops, anti-sexist politics, community technology and media – is encouraging.

It’s hard to define the paper, or what keeps us going – perhaps just the simple idea that people CAN try to take control of their lives. Yes, we look on the bright side of life – as long as the cheques keep coming in. And finally, a big thank you to all those out there in Undercurrents­land who’ve supported us over the years.


Undercurrents was brought to you by: Godfrey Boyle and Peter Culshaw (features), Ingrid Emsden, Bill Flatman, Nick Hanna (advertising and news). Will Hill (cover and graphics), Stephen Joseph and Antonia Millan (reviews), Rowan, Pat Sinclalr (news), Dave Smith (production), Tammy and Lowana VeaI (listing.).


Undercurrents Ltd is a company registered under the laws of England (no 1 146454) and limited by guarantee. Tenth year of issue. ISSN 0306 2392.

EDITORIAL OFFICE: 27 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1 R OAT. Tel: 01253 7303.

ACCESS: We meet at 7.30pm every Wednesday and all friends of the magazine are welcome.

COPY DATE: Undercurrents 51 (March) will be on sale Saturday 6th March. Closing date for last minute items is February 17th.

COPYRIGHT: The contents of Undercurrents are copyright: permission to reprint Is freely given to non-profit groups who apply In writing, and sold to everyone else.

DISTRIBUTION: Within the British Isles by Fulltime Distribution, Building K, Albion Yard, 17 Balfe St, London NI (01·837 1460), except London newsagents~ supplied by Moore Harness (01·274 221S8). In the US by Carrier Pigeon, Room 309, 75 Kneeland St, Boston, Mass u211. Our US mailing agents are Expediters of the Printed Word, 527 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

BULK SELLING: Sell Undercurrents and make an honest profit for yourself or your group while you’re about It. For bulk purchases of five or more copies we offer a discount of 25% off the cover price and full sale or return.

PRINTER: Western Web Offset, 59 Prince St, Bristol 1.

TYPESETTING: Bread ‘n Roses (TU), 30 Camden Rd, London NI (01 485 4432).

ADVERTISING: We do not accept advertising that is racist or sexist, and reserve the right to comment editorially on our advertis­ers. When replying to ads please mention that you saw them In Undercurrents. For further details and advertising rates phone Nick Hanna on 01·253 7303 or 01.278 6327.

ISSN 0306 2392


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