UC51 March 1982

UC51 035
Undercurrents 51 March 1982 

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2 Eddies

6 Letters

7 Autonomous Radio: Red radio waves from Europe – Relay Collective

9 Pirate Power: Dutch TV Pirates – Katrien Gottlieb

10 U.S. and Them: Richard Brabrook interviews Bill Mandel from KPFA, SF.

11 Not Waving, But: The future of wave power in the balance – David Ross

12 When You’re Smiling: Timothy Leary‘s Theories. Is this man a bozo? – Marian Kester

14 London Calling: The new Alternative LondonPete Culshaw

14 Weird Stuff: The strange case of Reagan’s doubles – Paul Sieveking

16 Clawing Back: Wild thing, you make my heart sing – Animal Liberation Front 

19 The Animals Film – Richard North

20 Nuclear Power: The Facts in Question – Peter Harper

23 Whats What and When

26 Reviews

31 Classified

32 Froth: Loony Doomster on the rampage

THIS issue we start our review of ‘Airwave Anarchy’ (don’t you love these slick, journalistic headings?) looking at recent developments in broadcasting. This month we have pieces on Community Radio and Pirate TV, and in the next issue we have Stuart Hood on the possible collapse of mainstream TV in the 80s and a pressure group who are trying to encourage a more feminist perspective in radio.

The other area that we are starting to cover more is the growing animal rights movement. We haven’t had much on this issue before partly because the Beast magazine did it so well. Now that the Beast has folded, Undercurrents seems an obvious platform for Animal Liberationists. The forthcoming Animals Film (see page 19) will undoubtedly focus attention on their arguments. Don’t miss our next action-packed issue . .

And don’t forget to take advantage of our Alternative London book offer . .

Undercurrents was brought to you by: Godfrey Boyle, Peter Culshaw (features), Ingrid Emsden Bill Flatman, Nick Hanna (advertising), Will Hill (cover), Cathy, Stephen Joseph and Antonia Millen (reviews), Rowan, Chris Schuler, Pat Sinclair (news), Dave Smith, Tammy and Lowana Veal (listings). With help from David Ross, Georganne Downs, Dave Elliott and Richard North.

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