UC53 May 1982

UC53 035
Undercurrents 53 May 1982

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2 Letters

3 Eddies

7 Towards a citizen’s intelligence agency: A new handbook for the radical investigator – Stuart Christie

10 Underwater Allies? The military uses and abuses  of dolphins – John May

11 Tantric Sex: A report on a weekend of sex therapy – Nicholas

14 Sicilian Co-ops: When the Mafia moves out the Co-ops move in – Martin Stott 

16 Peace in the East: Rust on the Iron Curtain? – Eileen Daffern

20 Body Maintenance – Allan Parker

21 Isolation Tanks -The best form of escapism since UndercurrentsJim Simpson

21 Weird Stuff Bulletin – Paul Sieveking 

22 Nuclear Disease: A report on the International Conference of Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War – Hugh Middleton

23 New Apothecaries: Natural health remedies – Romy Fraser

24 What’s When

25 What’s What

26 Reviews: Books, music, vldeo and sclence fiction.

31 Classified

32 Subscriptions

32 Froth: Loony Doomster’s trivia section.

NEXT month brings World Environment Day and the UN Disarmament conference: any groups who are planning related events should get in touch and we’ll give you a plug. We already have a consider­able amount of stuff and might do a special action­packed double issue. Especially, because we intend to increase our environmental coverage, in the absence of any other magazines in the area.

Going monthly has cost more – and also resulted in a subscription gap of three issues when we don’t get any subscription renewals. So if you’re thinking of subscribing, now’s the time before the rates go up again. We are also introducing a supporting sub­scription of £10 which our more generous readers might like to take advantage of. And, if you’ve already subscribed, don’t worry, you can still send a donation.

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