UC10/Resurgence 6/1 March-April 1975

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Undercurrents 10, Resurgence 6/1: March-April 1975 Contents
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1 Eddies: Erich Von Daniken, Zero Population Growth, Vancouver 76, BSSRS, Bantry Oil Spills, Gusher, A Buried Flying Saucer . .

8 Undercurrents Letters

9 National Brainstorm – Geoffrey Ashe

10 Conscious Culture of Poverty – E. F. Schumacher

12 Living the Revolution – Milovan Djilas

13 Resurgence Feedback

15 Industrial Slavery can now End – John Papworth

18 Manifesto for an Alternative Culture – Rene Dumont

19 Towards an Alternative Culture part 1 – ‘Woody’

25 Solar Energy in Britain – Ian Hogan & Brian Ford of LID: Do It Yourself Solar Collector Project; Solar Collector Product Review; Solar Collector Manufacturers’ Listing

31 Land Manifesto – Land for the People

32 New Villages Now – Herbert Girardet

33 Talking About Land – Joanne Bower

35 Sward Gardening: a practical guide – Tony Farmer

38 Anarchist Cities – Colin Ward

40 General Systems – Peter Sommer

43 Centre for Living – John Seymour

44 The Future of Alternative Technology – Dave Elliott & Colin Stoneman

47 Reviews: Paper Houses, Unpopular Science, Prime Time TV, The Revolution Postponed, Participatory Democracy, Subversive Teaching, Neighbourhood Revival, and William Morris 


Godfrey Boyle writes: Undercurrents and Resurgence have a great deal in common. We share the same anxiety that many of the institutions of modern society have become far too large to be responsive to the real needs of the people. And we share a common belief that the building of a human-scaled, ecologically-harmonious, non -exploitative culture can begin now, as an important part of the overall movement for Iiberation from all forms of political, economic and spiritual repression that is gathering strength in the world today. Of course, we do have our differences, too. Some of them will be obvious when you read this issue, others more subtle. But if there is one thing the movement for social change does not need, it is the support of groups which have identical dogmatic views. Our differences are important, but they must never blind us to our similarities. The spirit of mutual aid in which we have embarked on this joint issue is one which we would like to see more evidence of in other radical circles. Let a thousand flowers bloom.


Resurgence, Journal of the Fourth World: Vol 6 No 1 March-April 1975. 

275 Kings Road, Kingston, Surrey, England. Tel. 01 546 0544.

Resurgence publishes articles on alternative life styles, human technology, ecological-organic living, and small, simple, decentralised power structures. Regular Columns by E.F. Schumacher and Geoffrey Ashe. Frequent contributions by Leopold Kohr , Vinoba Bhave, John Papworth. Editor Satish Kumar. Editorial Group Brian Bridge, Tony Colbert, Geoffrey Cooper, Clive Harrison, Stephen Horne, Steve Lambert, Thomas Land, June Mitchell, Jimoh Omo-­Fadaka, Terry Sharman, Anne Vogel. Associate Editors Ernest Bader, Danilo Dolci, Leopold Kohr, Jayaprakash Narayan, John Papworth, E F Schumacher. Publisher Hugh Sharman. Layout Mike Phillips, Pete Bonnici, Helene Saint-Jacques.


Undercurrents is designed and edited by Sally and Godfrey Boyle, Martin Ince edited the Reviews and assembled the ads. Chris Hutton-Squire grappled with finance and distribution; Brian Ford and John Prudhoe took up arms against a sea of subs; and Peter Harper, the Egon Ronay of AT, got as far as Wales en route for Australia. Pat Coyne struggled against the powers of nuclear darkness; Richard Elen followed the Leys and the ancient ways; Sooty Eleftheriou maintained the French connection; Dave Elliott philosophised; and Ray Shannon pondered the deep meaning of it all. Many, many other people helped us. Even if we haven’t room to mention them all, we thank them nevertheless.

Undercurrents is published bi-monthly (give or take a month or two) by Undercurrents Limited, 275 Finchley Rd, London NW3, England, phone 01 794 2750, a non -profit company limited by guarantee and without share capital. The copyright of all articles in Undercurrents belongs to Undercurrents Limited @ unless otherwise stated, and must not be reproduced without our permission – though we will normally allow our material to be used for non­profit purposes, without charge, provided Undercurrents is credited. Anyone who would like to help produce the magazine in any way is welcome to contact us at the address above



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  2. Thanks for making contact.I agree there’s a fault; however the link using ‘Open Issuu in new window’ works OK & opens UC10 as intended.

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