UC11 May-June 1975

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Undercurrents 11 May-June 1975 Contents
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1 EDDIES. The usual brew of New, Scandal, Eddie Currents, and Gossip.

9 LETTERS. Your chance to get your own back on us.

11 HIVING OFF MR CUBE. Sylvia Lee tells about the secret life of bee, and explains how bee keeping can be a fascinating way of providing all the sweetness you need.

15 HOW THE LAND TURNED SOUR. Dave Elliott looks at the Government sponsored “back to the land” movements of the depressed 305, and identifies in their failure some mistakes which modern “back to the landers” must avoid.

18 MYSTERIOUS ENERGIES: an interview with Paul Screeton, editor of The Ley Hunter, author of Quicksilver Heritage, and researcher into the hidden secrets of ancient Britain.

21 HOW STRAIGHT IS THE OLD STRAIGHT TRACK? Chris Hutton-Squire has been running his slide rule over the numbers.

22 AS BELOW. SO ABOVE. Colin Taylor explains how block, made of compressed subsoil can be used to make cheap, strong, owner built houses..

25 WIND POWER SPECIAL FEATURE. Theory and practice of small scale wind power generation; complete designs for a low cost wind charger built from scrap parts; product review of the only small commercially produced wind charger available in the UK by Ian Hogan, Brian Ford and Godfrey Boyle.

31 NEW CURE FOR METHANE INDIGESTION? Methane gas production from waste in Britain has so far been disappointingly unsuccessful. Godfrey Boyle looks at a new, small to medium sized digester design which may have solved many of the problems.

32 THE HOUSE THAT JAAP BUILT. Peter Harper gives the lowdown on an ingenious “autonomous bedsitter” built in Holland by Jaap t’Hoft of the Dutch Small Earth Project.

37 MIND EXPANSION: RIPOFF OR REVELATION? Chris Hutton-Squire and Richard Elen investigate some of the mind expanding techniques currently on offer in London.

41 GETTING YOUR GOAT. Before you unhook yourself from Unigate Dairies, it’s wise to know that goat keeping isn’t just all free milk and cheese, says Tom Kewell. Do it, but without illusions.

44 TOWARDS AN ALTERNATIVE CULTURE. Part II of Woody’s thoughtful essay on how we might set about building a culture in which we live for each other rather than against each other.

49 REVIEWS. The Dispossessed by Ursula Ie Guin; The Journal of the New Alchemists; Leaving the 20th Century; The Age of Plenty; A Christian View. by E. F. Schumacher; Medical Nemesis by Ivan IlIich; The Whole Earth Epilog; and Public Works by Walter Szykitka.

55 A LAST MINUTE WORD …. on the Referendum by Gordon Tether. __________________________________________________________

UNDERCURRENTS is published bi-monthly by Undercurrents Limited, 275 Finchley Road, London NW3 6LY, England, a democratic, non-profit company without share capital and limited by Guarantee. Printed in England by Prestagate Ltd, Reading. International Standard Serial Number 0306 2392.

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CHANGE OF ADDRESS Because of a re-organisation in the company with which, until recentIy, we shared an office in London (at 275 Finchley Road, London NW3) we have been unexpectedly forced to change our address. Until further notice, letters for Undercurrents should be sent to 11 Shadwell, Uley, Dursley, Gloucestershire. To telephone us about distribution, subscriptions or general editorial matters, call Uley (code from London: 0453 86) 636. If it’s about business call Chris Hutton-Squire on 01 836 4363 ext 144 (day) or 01 891 0989 (night).

CONTRIBUTIONS. We welcome unsolicited articles, news items, illustrations, photographs, etc. from our readers. Though every care is taken with such material, we cannot be responsible for its loss or damage, and we cannot undertake to return it unless it is accompanied by an approp­riate stamped envelope addressed to the sender. To make life easier for our typesetters, manu­scripts for publication must be typed clearly on one side of the page only, with double or triple spacing and at least one inch margin on each side of the type. OK?

COPYRIGHT. The Copyright @ of all articles in Undercurrents belongs to Undercurrents Limited, unless otherwise stated, and they must not be reproduced without our permission. But we will will normally give permission for our material to be used, without charge, for non-profit pur­poses, on condition that Undercurrents is credited.

HELPERS: If you’re interested in helping on Undercurrents in any way write or phone for details of our weekly meetings.

CREDITS. Undercurrents is designed and edited by Sally and Godfrey Boyle, Martin Ince edits the Reviews and assembles the advertisements. Chris Hutton-Squire tries to manage everyone else and does a little bit of everything, Pat Coyne battles against the Nuclear juggernaut, Peter Cockerton is trying to digest our accounts, and Tony Durham is, well, invaluable. Ann Ward set the type and Barbara Kern drew together the events listings.

Among the other good people who in one way or another help to make Undercurrents possible are: Graham Andrews, Gavin Browning, Charlie Clutterbuck, Duncan Campbell, Dave Elliott, Sooty Eleftheriou, Richard Elen, Brian Ford, Herbie Girardet, Peter Harper, Ian Hogan, Roger Hall, Cliff Harper, John Prudhoe, Martyn Partridge, Kit Pedler, Pat Rivers, Peter Sommer, the Taylor Brothers, Nigel Thomas, Geoff Watts, Joy Watt, The Wildwood-men, and Woody. Thanks to them all and to the people we’ve for­gotten. This issue’s cover was drawn by Martyn Turner. Last issue’s cover was by Jaap van der Pol: sorry for not crediting you until now, Jaap.



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