UC39: Communes issue April-May 1980

UC39  051


Undercurrents 39 April-May 1980 Contents Link to download as .pdf

isbn 0306 2392; incorporating the International Communes Newsletter #1

1 Eddies: News from everywhere 

3 What’s What & What’s When

9 Plutonium Prof’s Polemic – Chris Hutton Squire: Hard pounding on the energy battlefield 

11 Marketing the Wind – Alternative Sources of Energy: US Windpower has it all buttoned up 

13 Scandinavian Sunshine – Bill Lowe & David Olivier: An AT travelogue 

14 Seven Illusions of Idealism – Jim Sullivan/AT Times

15 Hot Air: The dual flow path solar collector 

16 Down on the Commune (1) – Anthony of Zenzile 

17 The International Communes Network – Linda Mallett 

18 Softfruit Satori – Linda Mallett: The joys and sorrows of communal work 

21 Building on Fairground – Legal Frameworks Handbook: Making the maxi-co-op 

22 Kibbutzim Kibitzer – Mordecai BentovA letter from Israel 

24 Christiania Clean-up – Communes Action: Junking the Junkies 

25 Anarchy As She Is Lived – Eric Pigeon: Consensus and co-operation are hard graft 

27 USA – Muffy and Dennis: Some North American communes 

28 Norway – Stein Jarving: Why their work communes don’t work 

29 Down On The Commune (2) – Anthony of Zenzile 

30 A Mixed Technology House – Andrew Ingham 

31 Co-op Radicals – Martin Stott: The spirit of Rochdale reborn 

32 Coal In The Dock – Roger Milne: Ecohumbug in the Vale of Belvoir 

34 Muckle – Sue Stickland: Mutual aid among the organicals 

35 The Square Tomato Saga: Corporation Comix tell all 

36 Letters: Your chance to get back at us 

39 The Undercurrents Review of Books

46 Back Numbers and Book Service

47 Small Ads

48 Masthead


The Polytechnic of North London Short Courses: 

New Developments in Co-operative and Community Group Dynamics: A short course with John Southgate and Rosemary Randall. Introduced by Professor Gurth Higgins. for members and workers from co-op and community projects. £10 for ten Thursday evenings from April 17.

Counselling and Therapy with John Southgate and David Smith. introduced by David Boadella for counsellors, therapists, artists, dancers, etc. £10 for ten Tuesday evenings from April 15. Details from John Southgate, North London Poly, 62 Highbury Grove, London NS 2AD.


Centre for AT: DIRECTOR/COORDINATOR to guide and promote the work of the Centre with enthusiasm for. and knowledge of the AT field. The applicant is likely to be between 25-40 years and able to work with a democratically run group. Should have experience of financial control and be able to generate and communicate ideas both to fellow enthusiasts and to the general public. Welsh speaking would be an asset. Modest need-based salary by negotiation. Apply with cv to Roderick James, Director, Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Powys.


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