UC38 February-March 1980

UC38    051


Undercurrents 38 February-March 1980 Contents Link to download as .pdf

1 Eddies: News from Everywhere
8 What’s When & What’s What
10 Plan Without Atomcraft – John Nixon: A lesson from Denmark in nuclear resistance
12 Building the Anti Nuclear Campaign – Tony Webb
14 Seabrook Saga – WISE: US action against nuclear power
16 It’s All Space Occupied – Dave Elliott: Anti-nuclear guerrilla tactics
18 Short History of the English Earthquake – John Fletcher
20 Inter-City Drain – Hackney Anti-Nuke Group: Nuclear waste through the centre of London
21 The Russians and Nikola Tesla – Anon: Soviet death ray shock horror report
25 The Cosmic Drummer – Robert Beck: What earth brain waves can do for you
28 The Liberty Machine – Tom Athanasiou: Frankenstein’s servile monster
32 Animals or Ethics – Maria Hanson philosophises
33 Oil Crisis – Tanya Lawson: Some new fat facts
34 Land Decayed – Joe Francis: who is behind the ‘Land Decade Educational Council’?
37 Reviews
45 Letters
46 Books & Back Issues
47 Small Ads
48 Masthead

Published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd, 27 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R OAT. Full details of editorial meetings, distribution etc. are on page 48.
ISSN 0306 392

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