UC28 June-July 1978

UC28 051
Undercurrents 28 June-July 1978 Contents
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1 Eddies

6 What’s when & what’s what

8 Windscale – Martin Ince & Dave Elliott: If you can’t win at the enquiry, do you turn to civil disobedience?

10 Tvind – Marshall Merriam & Kevin Harris: Behind the biggest windmill in the world lies a remarkable experiment in education.

12 Atlantis – Jenny James: A therapeutic community rides the heavy vibes of Ulster.

14 Mondragon – wish we were there? Anna Whyatt & Keith Smith: Despite their fantastic success the Basque – Country cooperatives may be a poor model for British followers.

17 Eco 2000 – Ken Penney: One man’s struggle to start an Alternative Technology Centre.

18 AT – The art and the state – Dave Elliott: UK state support for alternative energy is not just half – hearted, it’s misguided.

20 Alternative sources of dollars – Andrew MacKillop: ‘Take the money and run’ is the motto for Canada’s AT promoters.

22 Can Wales make it? – Simon Watt: A politically independent Wales may still be miles from economic and technological autonomy.

24 Urban Wasteland – Tim Cantell: Stark images from a new book on the scandal of Britain’s cities.

26 What turbine? – Stephen Tonkin: Don’t believe anyone who offers you an ‘all – purpose’ water turbine design.

27 Behaviour Modification – John Rowan: Meet the guys who can redecorate your psychic cell any colour you want.

28 Maximill – Geoff Watson: A successful windmill proves that simplicity in execution requires subtlety in design.

31 A glimpse of reality – Laurence Golding: If you’ve got a good pair of boots you can ‘walk into lost worlds’ this summer.

32 The Bicycle Planning Book – Mike Hudson: An education for town planners – FoE’s new cookbook for cities fit for cycles.

36 Undercurrents Review of Books

42 In The Making

43 Letters

46 Small Ads

47 Books & Back Issues

49 Subscription Form & Editorial – Going Monthly?

Undercurrents is published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd, a democratic non – profit company limited by guarantee. ISSN 0306 2392
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People responsible for Undercurrents include Barbara Kern, Chris Hutton Squire, Dave Elliott, Dave Kanner, Dave Smith, Duncan Campbell. Godfrey Boyle, Herbie Girardet, Joan Turner, John Southgate, Joyce Evans, Lvn Simonon, Martin Inca. Martyn Partridge, Pat Coyne, Pete Glass, Peter Bonnici. Richard Elen, Rosemary Randall, Sally Boyle, Sue Lobbenburg, Tony Durham, Val Robinson and Vicky Hutchings. There are also dozens of other folk who help out here and there and whose only reward is anonymity. Many thanks to them.
Undercurrents welcomes unsolicited contributions which should, if possible, be typed, double spaced, on one side of the paper.
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