UC27 April-May 1978

UC27 051______________________________________________________________________

Undercurrents 27 April-May 1978 Contents

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1 Eddies

6 Readers’ Letters

9 What’s On/What’s What

10 Soft Energy-Hard Politics – Brian Martin

14 Fast Breeder – Dave Elliott

16 Small Tools for Small Farms – Herbie Girardet

18 Counter Measures – Jan Huss

20 Dirty Work in Denbigh – Simon Watt

22 Freewheeling – Philip Brachi

24 Opportunity Docks – Jane Bryant

26 Compost Cares – Sue Stickland

27 Whole Lotta’ Shakin’ – Nigel Cross

31 The Food, the Whole Food … – Lizzie, Paula and Woof

33 Micro is Beautiful – John Garrett and Geoff Wright

36 You makes yer own . . – Rain magazine

38  . . or You Pays Yer Money  – Brenda Vale

39 Finiston’s Follies – Simon Watt

40 In The Making

41 Book Reviews

47 Small Ads

48 ‘Monthly blurb’ and Subscription Form




  1. I need “whole lotta shakin” by nigel cross please send me

  2. You don’t say what your problem is. You can read it on the screen. Or you can easily download the whole thing:

    Click on ‘Click to read’ to get to the Issuu display.

    Then click on the 2nd icon from the right at the top [to the left of the X] which = ‘Share’ to get a menu from which you can select ‘Download’.

    Or you can use the link on the Contents page to go to my Issuu page where you see the whole 5-63 waiting for you to download them.

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