UC01 February 1972

UC01 ofc

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Undercurrents 01 February 1972: Contents

2 Science with a human face [the Undercurrents manifesto]

4-7 Eddies – news


8 7 Days

9 Radical Film

10-11 Poems by Dan Yadin

12 Photography

14 Communications: Anna Bowman

15-30 The New Alchemists – A Modest Proposal

31-34 Community Radio [incomplete]

35-38 Alternative Uses of Computers: Alan Campbell

39-48 Vacuumatics: John Gilbert & William Hanna

49-54 The Economics of Permanence: E F Schumacher

55-56 Community Television:Godfrey Boyle

57-60 ‘The Heathen Chinee is Peculiar . . ’: Liberation News Service & Frank Kehl

61-64 Symbiosis: A science fiction short story: James Swan

65 Masthead, Credits and Subscription Form


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