UC63 February/March 1984

UC63 001Open link to Issuu in a new window

5  Eddies

9  A case of Abuse – Andrew Taylor

12  Castro-enteritis – Mike Osbourne

16  Kenya: one step forward, two steps back – Mark Newham

19  Weird stuff – Paul Sieveking

20  Beast News – John Mays

22  A Promised Land – Jacob Von Uexkull

25  Reviews

28  Briefing

30 Classified

With this issue Undercurrents teams up – in perpetuity we hope – with Catalyst, the journal previously sponsored by the Ecology Party and the Liberal Ecology Group, which is ceasing publication because of staffing difficulties. We hope this merger will benefit everyone: on the one hand Catalyst, whose demise would be a loss to the eco-political debate, and her readers who may be enticed to join us; and on the other hand, UC readers whom we suspect will value our hijacking writers like Tony Beamish, John Foster and David Fleming whose contributions will add some desperately needed ‘weight’ to Undercurrents.

And now our Readers’ Survey. A friendly DHSS supervisor returned the survey with a request for ‘the earth’s mysteries’. Evidently the dole payroll must be a bit of a bundle by now, and this reader, needing something more than observation of the unmysteriously massed British, is rejecting advice from Wittgenstein who said – well almost – that ‘to pay is to think about the meaning of life’. Bearing this in mind we offer in UC 63 the mystery of modern human-creatlon, and the mysterious few who think it’s such a bad thing – procreation and all that – that they are quite willing to knock people off in bulk, even after the unfortunates have got the hang of walking and no longer idle life away in their respective test tubes.

This will do nothing for ‘Worried about your Macho Image’, who writes, ‘Tell me about ordinary people who care . . the stilted lefties in UC who spoke down to me over the years leave me quite cold’. We can’t please everyone, I’m afraid, stilted we grew, stilted we stay, stuck to our workshop desks, not macho enough – sorry, activist enough – even to take up ‘Trade Union Official Beano· Buyer’s’ advice that we should strike at ‘leather bound suites in semis’, the essence of evil.

Thanks, however, are extended to ‘Rural Shopkeeper’, not only for the admirable copy ideas of ‘Constructive Anarchy and Clandestine Farming’, but the suggestion we print a guide to cheap printing, which we admit would be an education for us as well. And cheers to P & T . . of course we’ll include more football.

Keep with us for UC64 if you can. By that time we hope to publish the results of the Readers’ Survey (Your Answers Questioned, and Who are the Other Six?), and we’re planning a look at the energy scene – with football, but no machismo.

We had financial help for this issue too. , . thank you Helen, Malcolm Brighting, Tom Burke, Catalyst, CND, Environmental Data Services, Greenpeace International, John ITDG, Marek and David Ross.

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