UC62 December 1983 – January 1984

UC62 001
Undercurrents 62 December 1983/January 1984

5 Eddies  – Greenham women put the law onto Reagan, FoE saves our heritage, and more . .

9 From Red to Black – How to be self·reliant without being shopped –  Stephen Joseph

12 FreeWheeling – Electric vehicles; Tom Langdon·Davies oil-free on the road ahead

14 Who did shoot the President? – Robin Ramsay investigates

16 School for Thought – Jeffrey Benge interviews White Lion School

19 Readers’ Survey – Your chance to tell us what you think of Undercurrents

22 Beast News – John May‘s animal lib column

24 Reviews

28  Briefing

30 Froth & Subscriptions

No groans, no wingeing this issue, because quite simply money doesn’t touch us any more. True it passes us by, but there are compensations. The staff (see left) are knock­ing back Worcester Sauce in the office, cavalierly priming their kidneys for the festering season.

Your eager correspondence must be held up. Or it is the niggardly behaviour of our postman who for some reason never has time to check the Paddington rail depot for the crate. We think self-reliance has come of age (see mag pages 1-32), so we may well start writing our own. We feel and are told however that kudos in these worrying times is filling in surveys. It is plainly a very unfoggy thing to do.

We have one (page 19). Please use it . And fill it in, we should like to see the result. We’d also like to see you, all those especially who enjoy writing editorials, emptying bins, sensible journalism, exchanging ideas, paying the rent . . on to the back page . .

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