UC60 Summer 1983

UC60 034

Undercurrents 60 Summer 1983

4 Letters

5 Eddies – News Round up

6 Brave Green World – Peter Culshaw visits the Green Rally and gets out his election swingometer

8 Green Gatherings 83

14 A Cynics A-Z Guide to Sizewell – Richard Stewart

16 World Conservation Strategy – the cons and pros – Dave Elliott, Adrian Atkinson, Anne Weigall, John Bradbrook, Stephen Joseph, Joanna Gordon-Clark and Terry Lacey

22 Beast News – John May’s animal column

25 Review: Gory Tales – An everyday story of men, women and gorillas

26 Briefing – Events, contacts and action for the summer.

31 Espionage conspiracy expose – John Le Stalin & Subscriptions

Welcome to the Undercurrents fun-packed summer special. The issue is mainly concerned with two different approaches to the ecological crisis – the Green Gatherings and the World Conservation Strategy. The WCS is a blueprint sponsored mainly by the World Wildlife Fund whereas the Green Gatherings are an attempt to create a grassroots movement for change, where you don’t have to be an expert to make a contribution.

We’ve produced a cheaper issue than normal, without our usual non-ecological glossy cover, partly to save on the print bill, and partly to enable us to reach as many people as possible at the Gatherings and festivals this summer.

The summer is always a bad time for the magazine financially, and the closure of many of our usual outlets has hit us. In the past, when the magazine has been financially skating on thin ice, we’ve been fortunate to receive some donations and more subscriptions from our readers and we hope this great tradition will continue. So keep inflation down and recycle your cash now.

We’re introducing a subscription offer – if you subscribe now, you receive three back issues absolutely free, gratis, no charge.

The other good news is that a major newsagent dis­tributor has expressed an interest in selling Undercurrents, which opens up all kinds of possibilities for us. We’re intending to change the look and feel of the magazine – perhaps when you write in you could mention what changes you’d like to see. And if you’ve got some time on your hands, whether as a member of the UB40 three million or not, get in touch if you’d like to help with the production or administration of the magazine. This was not a party political broadcast.


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