UC58 February 1983

UC58 051
Undercurrents 58 February 1983

2 Lightning on the Loose

3 Letters    

5 EddiesSizewell news and other up to the minute info

10 Bahro: From Red to Green – Peter Culshaw meets the new co-chairperson of the German Green Party on a train

13 At The Foot Of The Mountain – Leonie Caldecott‘s award winning article on the women’s peace camp at Mount Fuji

16 NATTA News – GLC Technology and popular planning initiatives by Dave Elliott 

18 Beast News – John May‘s animal lib column

20 Whatever happened to Lucas? The Lucas Aerospace Plan revisited by Dave Elliott 

22 Wild Trouble – Rebecca Weissner on the threat to the wilderness down under

24 Europe’s Green Parties – Roland Clarke looks at the rise of the EuroGreens

26 The Naked Lunch – Beefcake Andrew Tyler chews over the politics of the dinner plate

28 Before and after ScienceDavid Albury asks Progress? What Progress?

31 Women For Life On Earth – Stephanie Leland discusses Eco-feminism, Greenham, and starts the yin-yang revival .

34 Holy Smoke – Strange goings on in a church in darkest Piccadilly probed by Ian Grant 

35 Getting it Together – Part 2 of Biff Production’s epic cartoon strip, the Buskers of Experience 

36 Briefing – What’s Where and When

38 Reviews

47 Weird Stuff Bulletin – Dr Paul Sieveking deals with your medical problems

48 Classified Ads & Froth – Loony Doomster gets into baggy trousers.

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