UC57 November 1982

UC57 051
Undercurrents 57 November 1982
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3 Letters

5 Eddies

11 Beast News

13 NATTA News

14 Green News – Andrew Tyler

15 Book Now for 1984 – Patricia Hewitt

18 Heat Treatment – Adrian Atkinson

20 Women Only at Greenham? – Ann Pettit

22 Winning Sizewell – Paul Rowntree

23 Green Peace – Linda Churnside

24 Green Breakthrough? – David Tyler & Richard Whitfield

26 The Final Frontier – Martin Ince

28 Weird Stuff – Paul Sieveking

29 Why I Freed The White Whale – the Activist’s Story

33 Funny Farm – Permaculture UK

34 Roughing It – Herbert Girardet

36 Briefing

38 Reviews

46 Classified

48 Subscriptions & Froth


Editorial: This issue is somewhat late – as usual our finances are not wonderful – if you have taken out a subscription for ten issues you will still get ten issues – even though it may be over a period of slightly over a year. And we are producing issues with more pages than earlier in the year. So we hope you’ll bear with us. Some things are looking up – subscriptions are up 25 %, there’s a possibility of some funding for promotion (our main problem is that we’re one of the best kept secrets in publishing), and suddenly the national media seems to have discovered the ‘green movement’ (at least in Europe).

Our advertised Petra Kelly interview was called off after she collapsed from overwork, We’re glad to say she seems to have recovered and the interview is being re-scheduled.


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