UC55/56 September 1982

UC55 051
Undercurrents 55/56 September 1982

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3 Letters

5 Eddies – News update
11 Beast News – John May
12 NATTA News – Simon Mays
13 Editorial
14 On Yer Electric Bike – Alexei Clarke
16 Acid Rain Forecast – John May
17 Greenwork – John Tyler
19 Forests Axed – Sally Edwards
21 The Trouble With Zoos – Jonathan Barzdo
24 Deadly Dioxin – Judith Cook
27 The North Sea Waste Dump – Brian Price
29 Women and the Future – Petra Kelly
32 Sizing Up Sizewell – Dave Elliott
34 Needles and Pins – Colin Lang
35 Weird Stuff – Paul Sieveking
36 Sweet Words and Sour Cream – Barney Bardsley
37 Briefing
39 Reviews
46 Classified Ads
48 Subscriptions & Froth – Loony Doomster goes ape

Access’ll do nicely

THIS IS our first issue incorporating the late great Beast magazine. From now on at least one major feature an issue will be devoted to questions of “animal rights’ – This is undoubtedly an area of increasing concern to the environ­mental movement. We hope to continue the high standard of articles in the old Beast. John May, who edited it, will be keeping up with the latest developments.

You’ve probably noticed the price of this issue is 75p. The increase has been forced on us by the usual story of rising prices and mounting losses. As the price of Undercurrents actually went down last year – it means we still cost only 5p more than we did two years ago (and are still cheaper than many of our fellow publications). Furthermore, this is a bumper, double issue, with more pages than usual. The main reason for this is that having gone from 6 to 10 issues a year, we’re in the middle of a subscription gap where no-one is renewing subs. To get through it quicker we’ve had to combine issues 55/56. However, we’ll be back to a monthly schedule from now on (with a gap in January).

In our efforts to put the mag on a sounder financial footing we’re offering new subscribers a choice of free books (see back cover), obtained at a generous discount from their publishers. Please take advantage of this amazing offer – if more people subscribe, we’ll be able to have more pages, be better designed, fund investigative pieces, and even pay a small amount to our at present unpaid staff. To be fair to old subscribers, you can extend your sub for a year and be eligible for a free book, for a limited period – until the end of September only. So persuade your friends, cats, dogs and goldfish to subscribe . . .

It might be appropriate at this moment to mention that we are an “open access” magazine – so send in information and ideas, and come along to our editorial meetings on Wednesdays at 7.00 in the office in Clerkenwell. We’re especially looking for people who might sell advertising (for money!) and with sub-editing and production experience. But anyone interested in Undercurrents is welcome.

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