The Early Days of the Centre for AT – according to Undercurrents

Centre cover jan26

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This collection brings together articles and news items published in Undercurrents between 1974 and 1979.

UC07/04 A.T. Goes Boom

UC08/01 The Princely Pursuit of A.T.
UC08/12 Interview with Gerard Morgan-Grenville of the National Centre

UC13/33 NCAT. Gerard Morgan-Grenville sets out his view on where AT is at.

UC19/11 CATs Cradle: Martyn Partridge and Godfrey Boyle describe their impressions of the Centre for Alternative Technology, in Machynlleth, North Wales.

UC22/35 CATalogue – Nigel Dudley: A congenial weekend at the CAT.

UC34/06 Energy Research

UC35/20 Stream Power – Martin Ashby: 33 Megawatts going to waste in the Dyfi Valley

UC37/05 Corporate AT


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