UC43 December 1980 – January 1981

UC43 ofc jan25a

Undercurrents 43 December 1980 – January 1981
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1 Eddies 

7 What’s What and What’s When

9 In The Making

10 Power Station Closures – SERA Energy Group: Fighting the industrial vandals 

11 Farewell to Arms – Dave Elliott: Turning bombs into windmills 

12 Atoms for Peace?- SERA Energy Group: Why the military need civilian nukes 

14 Fascist Fission – Stuart Rimmer: Brazil’s nukes are going like a bomb

16 Land Reform? No Thanks! – Alan Farleigh: Why FOE scrapped their land campaign 

18 Greentown: Digging the Foundations – Godfrey Boyle: Milton Keynes’ co-op village 

22 Computer Networks – Dave Kanner: What information technology can do for you 

24 Life Without Television – Brian Martin: Switching off the box 

28 Heavy Breathing – Michael Castleman: Fags, radioactivity and the Big C 

30 Fiery Furnace – Mike Talbot: A super-efficient woodstove design 

32 Brainwashing for the Bourgeoisie – Jean Freer: EST is for the Best People 

34 Propertarians Of The Past – Mark Pedlar: A load of old Bellocs 

36 The Undercurrents Review of Books

44 Letters

46 Small Ads

47 Back Numbers and introducing

The Adventures of ATWitch – a brand new comic strip by Harry Hamill 

ISSN 0306 2392


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