UC42 October – November 1980

UC42 051

Undercurrents 42 October – November 1980 Contents 

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1 Eddies – News from everywhere 

7 What’s What & What’s When

9 Blueprint for Greentown?  – Andrew Page and Guy Dauncey: Protopia revealed 

12 Convivial Computing – Andrew Page: Wiring up the alternative society 

14 Cottage Offices – Stephen Wood: Soft tech software 

15 Cafe Talk – Andrew Page: Afterthoughts 

16 The Ecological Consequences of Mrs Thatcher  – John Bradbrook: The meaning of the blue meanies 

17 Manifesto for the Eighties – Geoff Wright: What must be done 

20 Our END is Our Beginning –  Kath Catt: How to avert the holocaust 

22 Frying Tonight – lan Adams: What will happen if we fail 

23 Not so Funny Bomb Funnies  – Dick Foreman: A last laugh 

24 Kyshtym Whitewash – John Brown: Large nuclear accident: many dead 

26 NATTA Gets to Work – Dave Elliott: AT and community action

28 French Lesson – Simon Nora and Alain Minc: Alternative uses for the computer

29 Home Truths from Abroad – Ianto Evans: How others see US

30 Tesla Us AnOTHer One – Martin Ince: A cool look at some tall stories 

33 Sail Wing Darrieus  –  Joe Szostak: A hybrid windmill design 

34 Pirate Radio Times – Martin Scholes:  A listener’s guide 

36 The Undercurrents Review of Books

44 Letters – Your chance to get back at us 

46 Small Ads

47 Back Numbers

48 Subscription Form & Masthead


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