UC37 December 1979-January 1980

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Undercurrents 37 December 1979 – January 1980 Contents 
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1 Eddies: News from everywhere
7 What’s When and What’s What
9 Third World Energy – Andrew MacKillop: AT’s no gas for the Third World
12 Vienna Blues – Het Fort Van Sjakoo Bookshop: More than double-Dutch at UNCSTAD
13 Anvil Chorus – Rick Hoversall: Forging ahead in Papua New-Guinea
14 UN-Revolutionary – Richard Baker: More than sweet FAO
16 Street-Fightin’ Man – Simon Watt: A programme for creative destruction
18 Home-Grown Gas – Bill Evans and Dick Stowe: A digest of excremental politics
21 Weeder’s Digest – Peter King: What to do with the condensed books
22 Eco-Logical – Chris Hall: Ecology and the environmental fix
24 A Topoly – The Undercurrents Game: How to play the system and lose
26 A Woman’s Right … – Tam Dougan: No return to the back streets
27 … On Baby – Debby Hyams: The Kids are not alright
28 Fit For the Family – John Dennis: Adults make kids ill
30 Environmental Education – So What?­ – Steve Stirling
32 Silkwood And After – Jim Garrison & Claire Ryle
34 Behave Yourself – Kieran O’Connor: Think yourself out of a corner
37 Reviews
45 Letters
47 Small Ads
48 Masthead

Published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd., 27 Clerkenwell Close. London EC1R OAT. Full details of editorial meetings. distribution etc. are on page 48. ISSN 0306 2392.

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