UC36 Children’s Issue October-November 1979

UC36  051________________________________________________
Undercurrents 36 October-November 1979 Contents Open Issuu in new window

1 Eddies – News from everywhere
6 What’s When and What’s What
8 Who Are We Kidding? – Stephanie Leland: The folly of single vision
10 Out – Eileen Adams: Outside the classroom there’s a world to win
12 Future Perfect – Simon Nicholson & Ray Lorenzo: Kids can change the world as well as understand it
15 City Jungles – Lyndis Cole: Greening your alley
17 Daughter of Alice – Jo Nesbitt: An everyday story of alternative folk
18 News From Schools – Lyn Simonon
20 Grass Roots Farming – Sandy Wheeler: City farm State land grab threat
21 Country Shock – Mary McHarg: Town kids’ rural idyll
22 Extra-ordinary Levels – Norton Taylor & Daphne Brook: Education as it could be
23 Kids’ Supplement: Ma Gaia’s Earth Comic – Judy Close & Lyn Simonon
27 Competition Kills – John Oxenham: To cram or not to cram
29 Risks and Rewards – Mog & Colin Ball: Community service is good for you
31 Lesson From The People – Nigel Wright: Educating our masters
33 Some Schools: Free and progressive schools speak for themselves
34 Right To Intervene? – Dick Kitto: How to keep the state at bay
36 Cuddle Power – Cris Nickolay: Hugs and hassles in the classroom
37 Reviews and Resources
45 Letters

Published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd., 27 Clerkenwell Close, London EClR OAT. Details of editorial meetings, distribution, etc., are on page 48 . ISSN 0306 2392.
AS WITH ALL ideas, Children and the Environment began as the smallest spark, which with incredible speed ignited into a project that grew too large to fit into the twenty-eight pages allotted for features inside an issue of Undercurrents. So, we have had to narrow it down to topics related to school and the environment.
The theme that has emerged as a result of this process is that schools procreate and manifest our ailing and fragmented society. A healthy, flowing society is one which is integrated without institutions. Education should be the process of living within an environment which in itself is nourishing and creative.

The subject is apparently one of enormous interest and concern to many people as indicated by the extraordinary number of excellent contributions which have continued to flow in through the letter box. Sadly, we have had to put aside all the contributions we have received concerning children and health, pollution, nutrition, population, racism and sexism, and many, many more. We have also had to delete over 50% of the resources and reviews which we had painstakingly collected together. All of this we hope to make available in the future as part of a more comprehensive and extensive publication.

Lin and Stephanie

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