UC35 August-September 1979

UC35  051

Undercurrents 35 August – September 1979 Contents
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1 Eddies

6 What’s What and What’s When

8 White Horse Power – David Ross: The ups and downs of wave power

10 Underneath the Arches – Teamwork Training Trust: Community workshops under the wheels of heavy lorries

12 Home Rule for the North – Paul Temperton

14 Danger: Geography – Bob Dumbleton: Third World disease strikes the west

16 CHORTLE – a cross between a churn and a Jotul­ – Laurieston Hall: Two efficient woodstove designs

18 Road Drill – Paul Robson: Road Lobby Follies (build now, while oil lasts!)

20 Stream Power – Martin Ashby: 33 Megawatts going to waste in the Dyfi Valley

21 Decentralised AT – Dave Elliott: Alternative power to the people

24 COMTEK Festival – Chris Thomas: Who’s coming, what’s happening

26 Networking – Dave Andrews: A new way to share information

27 Milton Keynes – the COMTEK Connection – ­Dave Elliott: Why is MK appropriate, technologically

28 Greentown – Herbert Girardet: Imagination is seizing power in MK

30 Community Technology – Godfrey Boyle Condensed book of the month: all you ever wanted to know about AT

37 Growing Pains – Sue Stickland: Agribusiness colleges

38 Letters

40 The Undercurrents Review of Books

46 Small Ads

47 Book Service & Back Numbers


Published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd., 27 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R OAT. Full details of editorial meetings, distribution etc. are on page 48. ISSN 0306 2392


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