UC34 June-July 1979

UC34  051
Undercurrents 34 June – July 1979 Contents
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1 Eddies : News from everywhere

7 What’s When & What’s What

9 Crabapple Revisited – Pam Dawling: Commune sense and sensibility

11 Romance and Reality – Ann Pettit: Self-sufficiency as she is lived

13 The Co – op Lesson: Learning the Hard Way­ – lago Mephistopheles: An interview with a would-be socialist entrepreneur

16 Hanging Separately – Jenny Thornley : Two co – ops that failed

18 Green Danube – George Wood : An alternative to the Vienna UNCSTD conference

20 Doing without the State – Ghulam Kibria : How the feudal socialists squashed AT in Pakistan

21 A Collective of Shopkeepers – George English : A year in the life of Earthcare Retail Co-op

24 CounterRevolution Quarterly – Alan Campbell & Godfrey Boyle : The Brand X of ecojournalism 60,000 Americans prefer

26 Off the Peg Piracy – David Gardiner: A ready-to-broadcast radio transmitter

27 Pricking the Nuclear Balloon – Sheryl Crown : What feminists can bring to the anti-atom struggle

28 Atom Scandal – Eddie O’Rio : Monkey business among Brazil’s nukes

30 Looking Forward to 1984 – Geoff Wright : An interview with lan Lloyd MP

32 Recollections – John Michell : As we think we are, so we become

33 Whale Talk – Bill Hall : Make jaw, not war, on our cetacean cousins

34 Engineering on the Dole – Martin Ince : A bleak look at the future of Britain’s industry

36 Letting It All Hang Out – Chris Hutton Squire : A profit & loss account

37 Letters : Your chance to get back at us

39 The Undercurrents Review of Books

46 Small Ads

47 Book Service & Back Numbers

48 Subscription Form


Published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd, 27 Clerkenwell Close, London ECl R OAT. Full details of editorial meetings, distribution etc. are on page 48.


Cover design by Peter Bonnici

ISSN 0306 2392



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