UC33 April-May 1979

UC33  051

Undercurrents 33 April-May 1979 Contents
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1 Eddies : News from Everywhere

7 What’s What & What’s When

9 Don’t Shoot the Planner – D R Scharf : How to resettle the countryside with new villages

11 A Garden City for Today – Suzie Lobbenburg : An interview with David Lock of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation

12 Wasting Away – Tim Cantell : How our cities have been made into a wilderness

14 Parks for People? – Edward Dawson : How to foil the spoilers of the countryside

16 Country Consciousness – Mark Kidel : Rural is beautiful, and all that

18 Scilly, Skye and Shetland – Ruth Wheeler : A fair deal for the British islanders

20 Country Life – Barbara Girardet : The rose-tinted vision and the Tintern reality

22 Duck Lane – Maria Hanson : Solitary self-sufficiency

24 Trees Please – Simon Woodhead : What will replace our immemorial elms?

25 High Way – Laurence Golding : Paths physical and spiritual

26 Back to the Land – Malcolm Caldwell : Why we are going to have to dig for our dinners

27 Wwoof! Wwoof! – Sue Fenton : A midden maiden’s tale

28 AT Workshop – Greg Shoop : A solar collector from Havering Tech

30 The End of the Nuclear Road – Dave Elliott : What an Alternative Energy Programme would mean for the atom workers

33 Low Energy Cornucopia – Pat Coyne : How we can have our cake and eat it

36 Letters : Your chance to get back at us

39 The Undercurrents Review of Books

46 Small Ads

47 Book Service & Back Numbers

48 Subscription Form


Published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd, 27 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R OAT. Full details of editorial meetings. distribution etc. are on page 48. Cover design by Peter Bonnici from a drawing by Chris Unwin and a photograph by Timothy Cantell. ISSN 0306 2392.



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