UC32 February-March 1979

UC32  051


Undercurrents 32 February – March 1979 Contents
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1 Eddies

7 What’s What & What’s When

9 The British Road to Ecotopia – ­Stephen Joseph: Why we don’t need a Green Party

10 The Ecology Party – John Pezzey

12 Playing the Parliament Game­ – Oxford Ecology Movement

13 Greening the Labour Party – Dave Elliott

15 How They Kept the Larzac – John Lambert: The struggle to keep the French army off the sheep walks

18 Scots Seek Soft Path – Tony Webb: Anti – nuke feeling is growing among Scottish unionists

20 Workers’ Plans – John Darwin & Hilary Wainwright: The answer to all our problems

22 Soft Chips – John Garrett: Micro can make you free

23 Shruggin’ It Off – Peter Nalder: How to deal with those communal blues

24 The Political Economy of the Peanut – ­Simon Watt: How Senegal swapped slavery for cash-crop serfdom

26 Hell, Hull & Housing – Tony Small: The world’s first wind-powered council houses

27 Wither the AEA – Pat Coyne: We try to find work for Britain’s redundant atom scientists

31 Free Speech – David Gardiner: Build your own VHF transmitter

33 Save your own Steelworks – Joe Atkinson: The Shotton workers’ struggle

36 Letters

39 The Undercurrents Review of Books

46 Small Ads

47 Book Service & Back Numbers

48 Subscription Form


Published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd, 27 Clerkenwell Close, London ECI R OAT. Full details of editorial meetings etc. are on p. 48.


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