UC25 December 1977-January 1978

UC25 051

Undercurrents 25 December 1977-January 1978 Contents
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2 Eddies : News from Everywhere

7 WHAT’S WHAT: Things that you’ll probably want to know about.

8 LETTERS: Strife and. controversy, verbal GBH, literary Kung Fu, sardonic observations and helpful hints.

10 EMOTIONAL PLAGUE: – Rosemary Randall & John Southgate: Why do so many collective and co-op­erative projects collapse into bitter disagreement and disillusion­ment? Is it when emotional plague infects the group psychody­namics?

14 A PERSONAL VIEW – Phil Brachi: one of the founder members of the short-lived BRAD community; gives. his response to ‘Emotional Plague’.

15 FINDHORN REVEALED – Mike Reid: Perhaps the most publicised mysterious community in the world … what does it do? … how is it run? What is the money spent on?

17 A PATCHWORK MOUSE – John Fletcher: The prevailing image of the scientist is the detached selfless seeker after truth. Is it viable any more? Read about fraud and deception in the quest for a cancer cure.

19 COMPOST & COMMUNISM PART 2 – Tom Athanasiou: If thepresident of the United States can read Small is Beautiful, then perhaps there’s something wrong with it after all. It might be a big mistake to ignore the rest of the world while seeking relief in the micro­cosm.

21 POSITIVE SABOTAGE – Mike George: Instead of simply putting the boot into capitalist industry, why not try to undermine the superstructure of the market while keeping the wheels turning?

23 WATER WORKS! – George Woolston: One of Britain’s greatest natural assets tumbles unnoticed down hillsides day after day and uselessly out to sea. Does hydropower have a future?

26 ANTUR AELHAERN – Simon Watt: How a small Welsh community responded to the threat of slow extinction.

28 COMMUNITY RADIO IN AUSTRALIA – Tony Durham: Australia, land of con­trasts, as. they probably say in the travel brochures. Where an embryonic network of free radio’ stations exists cheek by jowl with an increasingly reactionary state.

30 SYDNEY SPOOKS – Alastair Machin: It’s one thing to have your phone tapped by the security· services, but it comes to something when you’re asked to pay for the privilege.

32 SPITTING IN THE WIND – Dave Elliott: The race to co-opt punk rock is on … will the left beat capitalism to it? Or is it a profound gut reaction beyond all control?

34 THAI DILEMMAS – Simon Watt: Thailand, the next South East Asian dom­ino, is a state in permanent crisis. And a growing imbalance between the get-rich-quick development of its industrial regions and the vast exploited hinterland.

36 SAVING IT – Gerald Leach: It’s cheaper to save a watt than to make a watt, something which nuclear enthusiasts can’t imagine. This sub­mission to the Windscale enquiry explains the options.

39 AS LONG AS IT’S GREEN – Steve Cousins: White bikes come of age. At any given mo­ment most cars aren’t being used, which is an enormous waste of resources. Sharing is the obvious answer.

40 IN THE MAKING: Alternative projects that need people, and vice versa. .

41 REVIEWS: This is the traditional time of the year for new books. We review some of the ones that have come our way.

48 SMALL ADS & SUBSCRIPTION FORM : The only way to make absolutely certain of your copy of Undercurrents is by taking out an annual subscription, We also have a special offergift subscription for your friends.


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