UC24 October-November 1977

UC24 051
Undercurrents 24 October-November 1977 Contents
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1 CONTENTS: You are here.
2 EDDIES: News, scandal and horror from the far side of darkness. Stories you can’t read elsewhere.
6 LETTERS: Space set aside for people to disagree with us.
8 NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS – Martin Ince: What happens when the hand that rules the world . . slips?
9 CHICKENS’ LIB – Tony Stark: Concentration camps of the new barbarism.
11 SWAPO MEDICINE – Libertine Amathla: Preparing for medical care in Namibia after liberation from South Africa.
13 PLANNING A VICTORY – Ian & Suzi Ward: Rural planners’ distaste for human beings is well-known. But they can be beaten.
14 RAISING THE ENERGY – Godfrey Boyle & Dave Elliott: A number of recent reports prove beyond doubt that a plutonium; economy isn’t necessary. These are the alternatives.
17 AIR ON A SHOESTRING – David Gardiner: More ideas for a DIY radio transmitter.
20 THE EAVESDROPPERS – The original electronic espionage story: Mark Hosenball and Duncan Campbell: Subsequently the former was deported and the latter arrested. Is it a secret? Or is it a matter of grave public concern? Read for yourself and decide.
24 MULTl-ROLE PROTEST KITE – Jan Huss: How to be subversive on a windy day.
26 MAGIC MUSHROOMS: Just about this time of the year the British countryside flourishes with mildly hallucinogenic plants, natural . . endless . . free!
27 TIMBERRRRR . . . – Colin Price & Robert Paehlke: The case for a massive expansion of Britain’s forests and the problems of super-technological tree farming in Canada.
31 COMPOST AND COMMUNISM – Tom Athanasiou: How the ecology movement is being recouped by capitalism. The economic realities of industrial civilisation.
35 CHEESE ON THE CHEAP . . . AND CIDER, TOO – John Fletcher & Hugh Tripp: You need never enter a supermarket again.
38 LOOSE ENDS – John Barzdo, Dave Smith & Tony Fletcher: Whaling, Fusion and Science Fiction.
40 IN THE MAKING: Cooperative projects that need people, and vice versa.
41 REVIEWS: New titles that have come our way.
48, SMALL ADS and SUBSCRIPTION FORM: Why not subscribe and be sure of a copy? It helps our cash-flow, too.

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