UC23 August-September 1977

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Undercurrents 23 August-September 1977 Contents
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2 EDDIES: Two months supply of news and information.

6 KOALAMAN – Tony Edwards: Have you ever considered what a hassle it is to make a cup of tea?

7 LETTERS: Strife; controversy, verbal aggravation etc.

9 SEABROOK – Dave Elliott: 1400 arrests in anti-nuke demo.

11 NUKES AND TR.ADE UNIONS – Mike George: Whither industrial democracy in a plutonium economy?

12 KAHNVERSATION PIECE – Pat Coyne: The doyen of futurology recently visit­ed Britain and, much to our surprise, turns out to be against nuclear power.

13 FISH FARMING – Paul Bryant: The second part of this practical Guide to a new source of food.

16 WASTESAVING – Jon Walker: Recycling workers’ control.

18 BURNING BRIGHTLY – Ianto Evans & Donald Wharton: Building a wood stove; appropriate technology from Guatemala.

19 SCIENCE’S FOOL: Robert RickardThe remarkable story of Charles Fort and his pains-taking catalogue of events and phenomena unknown and inexplicable to science.

23 GOOD DAY SUNSHINE – John Willoughby: Complete instructions for installing a solar roof.

26 AIR ON A SHOESTRING – David Gardiner: The first of two articles on the freedom of broadcasting, explains how to build a radio transmitter.

29 CITIZENS SEIZE BAND – Tony Durham: In Australia people wanting to use citizen’s radio have presented the government with a fait accompli.

31 PARANOIA AND CONSPIRACY – John Fletcher: Twentieth century conspiracy theories, including the Gemstone File and llluminatus!

35 SOCIALIST ENTREPRENEUR – Simon Watt: One way of getting things done.

36 FIFE DAY WEEK – John Morrison: A grand scheme for workers’ co-operatives in Scotland.

37 OPUS – John Hosie: A community project near Glasgow which is using alternative technology to help children in need.

38 LOOSE ENDS – Mike George & Manuela Brown: Reporting this time on London and Switzerland.

40 IN THE MAKING: Latest information from the catalogue of alternative projects.

41 REVIEWS: New titles that have come our way.



Undercurrents is published every two months by Undercurrents Ltd, a demo­cratic, non-profit, company, registered in England, number 1 146 454, ISSN 0306 2392. It’s printed by Prestagate, 39 Underwood Road, Reading.

Undercurrents has two new addresses. Subscriptions and orders should be sent to 6 South Street, Uley, Dursley, Gloucestershire. All other business should be directed to 27Clerkenwell Close, London EC4 (sic). Undercurrents is distributed exclusively in the UK by Publications Distribution Co-operative, 27 Clerkenwell Close, London EC4 (Tel 01-251 4976), and in the United States by Carrier Pigeon, 88 Fisher Avenue, Boston, Mass, 02120. Airfreight agents for North America are Expediters of the Printed Word Inc, 527 Madison Avenue, NewYork, NY10022; second class postage paid at New York.

The front cover shows a sample of events from last year’s anti-nuclear demonstrations at Brockdorf, in West Germany. Something for the Windscale enquiry to ruminate about. Thanks for the pictures are due to Uwe Herms, who took them, Informations Dienst, who supplied them, and Eugen, who acquired them . . .

The motley crew responsible for Undercurrents includes Barbara Kern, Chris Hutton Squire, Dave Elliott, Dave Kanner, Dave Smith, Duncan Campbell, Godfrey Boyle, Herbie Girardet, Joyce Evans, Martin lnce, Martyn Partridge, Pat Coyne, Pete Glass, Peter Bonnicl, Peter Cockerton, Richard Elen, Sally Boyle, Tony Durham and Vicky Hutchings, There are also literally dozens of other people who help out here and there, and whose only reward is anonymity. Many thanks to them.

Undercurrents is cooked up at weekly meetings in London, details of which can be discovered by ringing 01-261 6774 during ‘working’ hours. Anyone who wants to do more than simply read the magazine is.welcome to come along. Undercurrents delights in unsolicited contributions, and publishes a large proportion of the ones received. In line with our aim of being an open forum for alternative ideas, if possible things sent to us should be typed, double­spaced, and on only one side of the paper.

Copyright: The entire contents of Undercurrents is the joint copyright of Undercurrents Ltd and the respective authors, but don’t be frightened – that’s just to discourage exploiters and rip-off merchants of one sort or another, Permission to reprint will be joyfully given non-commercial folk who apply in writing.


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