UC22 June-July 1977

UC22  051
Undercurrents 22 June-July 1977 Contents
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2 EDDIES: We reveal all we know.

6 WINDSCALE – Godfrey Boyle: The background to the public enquiry into the proposed nuclear waste reprocessing plant.

8 WHAT’S ON/WHAT’S WHAT: Events and information.

10 LETTERS: Readership hits back.

12 A DOCTOR WRITES – John Williamson: Swingeing abuse of Undercurrents 19, our special medical issue: Where did we go wrong?

14 COMING UP FOR EIRE – Chris Walker: Rural life in the west of Ireland.

16 CROFTING IN CAITHNESS: Di & Arthur Humphrey … and the north of Scotland.

17 PARANOIA POWER ANDTHE DELUSION OF CONSPIRACY – John Fletcher: The history of the way in which both rulers and ruled have employ­ed prophecy, paranoia and conspiracy theories in the course of their mutual antagonism.

22 FED-UP – John Thomas: Food co-operatives are now big business. in British Columbia.

23 STALINOIDS: . . but in Minnesota they have been suffering from communist aggression.

24 STONEHENGE – COSMIC POWER HOUSE – Tony Wedd: Some new ideas about the origins of Albion’s most renowned ancient monument.

26 SCREAM YOUR CARES.AWAY – Tim Eiloart: Arthur Janov and Primal Therapy.

28 FISCHKRIEG – Martin Ince: Britain goes to war … with cod on our side.

30 PRACTICAL FISH FARMING – Paul Bryant: The alternative to the trawler fleet.

32 ORGANIC FARMING GUIDE – Dave Smith: An address list of organisations in the field.

33 RADIO FREE BOLOGNA – Dieter Brunn: What happens when the bureaucratic monopoly of broadcasting is breached.

34 THE GASMAN COMETH – Robin Johnson & Mick Hanson: Two readers describe their experiences on the frontier of knowledge.

35 CATALOGUE – Nigel Dudley: A congenial weekend at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

36 RIPPLE REVOLUTIONISM – Tony Emerson: The Socialist Environment and Resources Association at work.

38 LOOSE ENDS – G N Syer & Mick Hamer: A new Undercurrents feature, this time reporting on radio, marine pollution and transport.

40 IN THE MAKING: Alternative projects that need people, and vice versa.

41 REVIEWS: Women’s Evolution, Portugal, Oil, Photography, Alterna­tive Transport, Indoor Gardening,Open Road, Marx, Lamu, Round-up.



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