UC21 April-May 1977



Undercurrents 21 April-May 1977  Contents
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2 EDDIES: All the news that isn’t really fit to print.

6 WHAT’S ON AND WHAT’S WHAT: Events and information.

7 LETTERS: Where you can inform, correct, praise or abuse us.

9 GOOD SQUAT GUIDE – to the North Yorkshire Moors. Ann Pettitt and Harry Wade relate their researches into empty rural property for those who want to take to the hills.

11 THE DANGERS OF COUNTERCULTURE: John de Graaf uncovers the inter-war counterculture in Germany and asks what happened to it. Reprinted from North Country Anvil No. 17.

13 APATHY ON THE AIR: If we really want free broadcasting, Richard Elen tells us that we must go out and shout for it.

16 BAREFOOT ENGINEER: In order to supply water to the world’s poor villages Arnold Pacey explains how we must extend the barefoot doctor concept to water engineers.

17 ENERGISE YOURSELF: Bill West takes a deeper look at the teachings of Wilhelm Reich and Orgone-Energy theory.

19 NUCLEAR POLICY CHAOS: The comings and goings of our rulers are monitored by Pat Coyne.

21 CHANGE THE CITIES! John Gilbert replies to Cliff Harper’s vision in Undercurrents 20.

22 IRON AGE FARM: In the search for Radical. Technologies we should not forget.to appraise methods used in the distant past. Beth Theis visited an experimental archaeology project.

24 KARMA and THE ART OF GARDENING: A report on Laurieston Hall and its garden by one of its members, Patrick Upton.

26 PEACE-WORK: Which creates more jobs – building bombers or investing in health care? Dave Elliott argues the case for peace­ conversion.

28 COPY TASTER: With this encyclopaedia of printing processes by Sandy Morrison, you will be able to choose the right technique for your needs.

31 RADICAL ECONOMICS: Woody puts his view on how we should change our consumption habits.

32 THE WAY THE WIND BLOWS: Some advice from Jim McCullough on where to site your windmill.

33 IVAN’S AFTER.HOURS BRICKLAYING: The Tao of Work through the eyes (and other senses) of Simon Watt.

34 ENERGY FIX: This interview with Gerald Leach expresses the belief that painless transition to a low energy society is possible.

35 MOTORWAY MADNESS – A CURE? George Stern presents an alternative analysis of transport options and a proposal of his own.

38 TIME TO CHANGE TACK: Ray Hulm examines a proposal for a cargo sailing ship.

39 NEVER TRUST AN EXPERT: A few words of warning from Fred Smith over a beer at his local.

40 IN THE MAKING: The regular spot of alternative projects that need people – and vice-versa.

41 REVIEWS: Land for the People, Quicksilver Heritage, Aquatic Weeds, Jimmy Reid, Nuclear Holocaust, Alchemy, Africa, The Tao of Physics, The Poor of the Earth, America’s Revolution­ary Heritage and the Everyman Project.




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