UC20 February-March 1977

UC20   051
UC20 February-March 1977 Contents
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2 EDDIES: All the news that isn’t really fit to print.

5 WHAT’S ON AND WHAT’S WHAT: Events and information.

7 LETTERS: Your chance to inform, correct, praise or abuse us.

9 STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS: Godfrey Boyle looks at what the magazine has done so far, and at possible challenges.

10 INTERMINABLE DISCUSSION: Beneath these placid pages is concealed a continuous turmoil of views and ideas on the role of Undercurrents. Here is a glimpse of this intellectual squalor.

12 AGRICULTURE TO THE FORE! The forward to the land call is being echoed by farm workers and other unlikely groups. Herbie Girardet reviews new developments in this field.

14 RISE, YE NOBLE DIGGERS: Their ideas are of increasing relevance today: as Tony Montague found out when he interview­ed Tony Benn.

16 CHEMICAL CORNUCOPIA COLLAPSES: Is there an organic farming alternative that could feed the world? Dave Smith looks into the causes, political and economic, of the so-called food shortage.


20 CAMBODlA CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? Cambodia has chosen the route to self-sufficiency. Malcolm Caldwell corrects a few misunderstandings about its history and then considers the impli­cations for Britain of more countries opting out of world trade.

22 WHO CONTROLS TECHNOLOGY? David Dickson considers just whose ends technology serves.

24 THE NEW CLIFF HARPER VISION: What the front cover doesn’t show.

26 MASSES VS.MULTINATIONALS: Mike Cooley writes on the continuing struggle.

28 HUGH LOVES YA: In this interview Hugh Sharman lets us know how Conservation Tools and Technology are faring.

29 SUNNY SPELLS FORECAST: Every energy cloud has it solar lining. Nevertheless plans for using solar energy in Britain have their official shortcomings. Robert Vale examines the limitations of one such plan.

31 CAN’T GET NO JOB SATISFACTION: After all the talk about job enrichment, workers’ co-operatives, and workers’ control, in practice there has been very little change; as Dave Elliott explains.

32 SOFT SOAP: Or one way to establish an economic base for an alternative society.

34 PAPER FROM SCRAP: With a few friends, a little ingenuity, some capital and the equipment Chris Thomas describes here, you could turn all your old papers and magazines.into new paper.

36 A BETTER FUTURE FOR BROADCASTING: The Annan Committee on Broadcasting is due to report shortly. John Howkins gives some thought to what he would like to see in such a report. .

38 THE VIEW FROM THE BARGE: Roy Hulme considers under what conditions canals could be used again for freight.

40 IN THE MAKING: The regular page of alternative projects.



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