UC16 June-July 1976

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Undercurrents 16 June-July 1976 Contents
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3 EDDIES. The usual brew of News, Scandal, Gossip, Horror and Happiness.

9 LETTERS. Your chance to get your own back on us.

10 CAN WE EVER TRUST THE NUCLEAR TECHNICIANS? Charles Wakstein argues that the problems involved in handling nuclear fuel reprocessing at Windscale are such that no one is really capable of doing the job safely.

11 DE·SCHOOL. Romy Fraser explains what makes Kirkdale Free School tick, and why.

12 WORKING ON ALL FRONTS. Dave Elliott analyses some of the issues thrashed out by the environmentalists, technologists and activists who attended the recent NATT A Conference.

15 THE LEY·THAT NEVER WAS. Chris Hutton Squire recently put under the microscope one of the classic ley lines described by pioneer ley hunter Alfred Watkins, and found that it disappeared …

16 STEADY, REDDY. Would thousands of bio·gas plants really be a more appropriate aid to Indian development than one big, high technology fertiliser factory, as Prof A K N Reddy argued in Undercurrents 14? Not necessarily, argues Richard Disney.

17 CITIZENS BAND: WHY IS IT BANNED? There’s no good reason why Britain should not establish a US·style Citizens Band, to allow individuals to communicate freely by radio, says Richard Elen.

19 CABINETS CRYSTAL BALLS CRACKED. Undercurrents amateur futurologist Peter Sommer has been scrutinising the Cabinet Offices recent, reassuring, report on the Future of the World.

20 THE WINDS OF CHARGE. Godfrey Boyle gives another progress report on the evolving Undercurrents wind generator.

22 DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Woody urges that alter·nativists should withdraw their allegiance from Britain and invest it in a new, free nation, possibly called Albion.

23 PEOPLES HABITAT: SPECIAL FEATURE Undercurrents’ contribution to Peoples Habitat. Kit Pedler begins by challenging the alternative society to start getting itself together.

24 GARDEN VILLAGES OF TOMORROW. Britain urgently needs to increase her food production, and the establishment of new villages would provide an important means of doing so, argues Herbert Girardet.

28 THE WOOD FOOD GUIDE. Trees, says James Sholto Douglas, are the crops with the greatest potential for feeding humanity, and re·vitalising the world in rural areas.

30 THE DO·IT·YOURSELF NEW TOWN. If local authorities simply supplied sites and essential services, and allowed people to build their own homes, the results, declares Colin Ward, would be far more satis·factory than the alienating New Towns being built for people by bureaucratic Development Corporations.

34 SUNSHINE ON CORONATION STREET. Clive Watterson and Howard Liddell describe Hull College of Architectures scheme for “solar terraces” which could be largely self·sufficient

36 FREEDOM RULES OK? The Lifespan community, high on the Yorkshire moors, is based on the ideals of libertarian educationalist AS Neill. Freer Spreckley explains how Lifespan is putting its ideals into action.

38 PLANNING PLOYS CAN BY.PASS THE BYE LAWS. Are there ways to avoid (or win) confrontations with the local planners if you’re getting it together in the country”? Gary Burton lets us in on a few trade secrets.

41 REVIEWS. The Political Police in,Britain, by Tony Bunyan. The Sirius Mystery, by Robert Temple. Noise, by Tony F Fletcher. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirszig. The Sphinx and the Megaliths, by John Ivimy. Consumerism and the Ecological Crisis, by Alan Roberts. Nuclear Power, by Walt Patterson. BuSiness Civilisation In Decline, by Robert Hellbronner. Marijuana Growers Guide, by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal. Plus Roundup.



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