UC06 March-April 1974

UC04 ofc ofc Feb 2015


Undercurrents 06 March-April 1974 Contents 
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3 Eddies: Digging for victory; Dinorwic; BRAD; Acoustic Ecology; Eddie Currents; Cuba.

9 Letters

10 Alternative Electronics – John Wood

13 Heat Pumps – Pete Stellon

18 Organic Living – John Shore

20 Windmills – J Raphe & Derek Taylor

23 Guide to AT – Peter Harper

25 Petrol Stinks

26 LID: It’s a Gas Conversion

31 Peoples’ Water Power – George Woolston

35 What’s Left of AT – Peter Harper

39 Sense of Tumor – Geoff Watts

40 An AgitKrop Manifesto

41 Science Fiction – Gavin Browning

43 Reviews: Stan Gooch’s Total Mind – Colin Wilson; Secret Life of Plants – Tony Durham; Shelter – Tony Durham; Energy Scrapbook – David Gardiner; How It Works – Martin Ince.

50 Everbeenadne

51 The Cast:

All contributions gratefully received: Undercurrents welcomes contributions from its readers, either in the normal typewritten form, or in the form of “pasted-­up” artwork. If you do send us pasteups , though, please make sure that the proportions of your artwork are such that it can be reduced to A4 size. Line drawings, tables, and so on must be in black ink on a white background. If they aren’t, our printers have hysterics, and we usually have to re-draw them.
Typescripts should be double­spaced, and on one side of the paper only – otherwise,they are very difficult to edit, and even harder to typeset. If you must send handwritten copy, please write as legibly as you can, and leave reasonable spacing between lines. Please remember also that photographs may have to be cut before they can be reduced to fill the space on a page allocated to them. So if your photograph is valuable and you don’t want it messed about, please write a note prominently on the back to that effect. These points may seem niggling, but you’d be amazed at how much time and effort would be saved if everyone observed them. OK?
Undercurrents can also accept “inserts” for insertion into the envelopes in which subscription copies are mailed. Obviously, there are limitations on the amount of weight we can add to each mailing, so please contact us before sending any inserts. We’ll try to include as much as we can, though.
Undercurrents was designed and edited by Sally and Godfrey Boyle. The News Editor was Pat Coyne and Tony Durham edited the Reviews. Apart from Peter Harper, who was invaluable, there isn’t space to mention the rest. But we are extremely grateful to them anyway . .


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