UC19 December 1976-January 1977

UC19A   051


Undercurrents 19 December 1976 – January 1977 Contents
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2 EDDIES: News, gossip and wild speculation about the anti-nuclear struggle, pyramid power, Diggers, atomic ships, satellites,motorways, nature reserves and similar things.

7 WHAT’S ON/WHAT’S WHAT: Useful (hopefully) information about events and entities.

8 UP AND ANTI·ATOM: Lisbeth Rink describes the successful anti-nuclear campaign in Denmark.

9 LETTER FROM AMERIKA: Dave Elliott reports on the growing opposition in the United States,

11 CATs CRADLE: Martyn Partridge and Godfrey Boyle describe their impressions of the Centre for Alternative Technology, in Machynlleth, North Wales.

14 PUTTING UP A MAST IN A GALE: Jim McCullough tells how.

15 ELEMENTAL ECOLOGY: Findhorn, a community on the North East coast of Scotland, reputedly grow food with the co-operation of plant spirits or Devas. Richard Elen in conversation with Dick Barton, considers what might lie behind this phenomenon.

17 LETTERS: Your chance to get a slice of the action.

19 THE SECRET PEOPLE: John Fletcher’s alternative history of England from Saxon times, via-the Norman yoke, to Winstanley.

22 LIMITS TO MEDICINE: Twentieth century diseases vs. twentieth century medicine. Jenny Ratcliffe asks, which is winning?

24 HOLISTIC MEDICINE: It’s no use just treating people’s individual symptoms, argues Tom Graves; you have to look at the whole of their lives to find out what’s really wrong.

25 THE POLlTlCS OF SELF HELP: Margaret Versluysen says that the self help movement is all very well for the young healthy people who advocate it, but what about the poor, the aged and the chronically sick?

PEOPLES PRESCRIPTION: Geoff Watts reports from Venezuela, where an important experiment in de-professionalised, popular medicine is taking place.

29 COMMUNITY HEALTH: The NHS is a beehive of professionals and bureaucrats, observes Tom Heller. How can attitudes and organisation be changed to make it serve the community?

31 BABES IN THE WARD: The debate between Naturalism and Technology is part of the current controversy about childbirth. John Bradshaw analyses the issues at stake, both for and against,

34 DRUGS AND WOMEN: The London Hospital Women’s Group present some horrifying data about the use of drugs to manipulate the minds and bodies of women for the convenience of ….. who?

36 GUIDE TO ALTERNATIVE MEDiCINE: A travelogue around the fringe ideas which the BMA don’t like, compiled by Richard Elen.

39 ROADERS RETURN: Victor Anderson replies on behalf of Alternative Socialism to criticism raised in Undercurrents 18.

40 IN THE MAKING: The latest additions to this useful list of alternative projects and what not.

41 REVIEWS: Magic, ancient mysteries, herbs, vegetables, education, Buddhism, natural childbirth, hunting, NATO, poultry, Vietnam, computers, self help housing, Loch Ness Monster, etc. etc.




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