UC18 October-November 1976

UC18 050____________________________________

Undercurrents 18 October-November 1976 Contents
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2 EDDIES. News, Scandal and Gossip about Lockheed; Swindon Viewpoint, Lucas, F.O.E., Nuclear Weaponry, Squatting hints, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, etc.

6 COMTEK 76. A pictorial record.

8 IRRELEVANT TECHNOLOGY. Richard Disney writes of the benefits, or otherwise, of Intermediate Technology in developing countries.

10 A LETTER FROM MENDI. The impact of Western Technology on high school children in Papua, Geoff Smith’s impressions as a local teacher.

11 WHO DOES WHAT IN I.T. People and Organisations in the development set, a gazetteer.

12 PUT POLITICS IN COMMAND. The control, Chinese style, of technology by politics described by Joseph Needham.

14 ·SECOND CLASS CAPITALISM. Simon Watt asks: What good can Intermediate Technology do until the imbalance between city and country, rich and poor, has been redressed?

17 LET THEM EAT OATS. Even Jimmy Carter has read Small is Beautiful, Byron Kennard reports on the growing appropriate technology industry in California.

18 SUPERMACKER. A graphic look at the development game, by Richard Disney and Richard Boone.

20. ALTERNATIVE ROADERS. Mike George airs his views on the Alternative Socialism Pamphlet.

21 HOW NOT TO HAVE A GREEN BAN. The concrete jungle marches on, despite an attempted green ban in Hammersmith.

22 GLASS STRUGGLE. Dave Elliott describes how the Lucas initiative is catching on. The story of the Swedish bottle workers’ struggle to produce socially useful products.

23 ATOMIC WHITEWASH. How British Nuclear Fuels obscure the central issues of the nuclear debate in the Cumbrian local papers.

24 THE ANSWER LIES IN THE CHEMICALS. Experimental hydroponic gardening !n Kentish Town and Putney, Jeff Wright reports.

27 PRINT IT YOURSELF. Easy access to print is a powerful political weapon. Jonathan Zeitlyn gives details of a readily built do-it-yourself duplicating machine.

28 BOTTLING UP·THE SUN. Details of a self-built autonomous house in Sydney, New South-Wales.

30 YEARS ON. The winner of a recent competition shows us a glimpse of life in England in the year 2000.

31. EDITORIAL. Why don’t YOU Write for Undercurrents?

32 RUBBING OUT THE HABBIT. A massage technique for giving up smoking.

33 THE LINEAR DREAM. The ley-lines are just due to chance, says Bob Forrest. There are so many ancient sites around that some are bound to align.

35 HOW TO MAKE A LEY DETECTOR. Can ley-lines be objectively verified? Richard Elen describes some hardware that could do the trick .

38 IN THE MAKING. The first of a series of supplements to the In The Making catalogue.

39 LETTERS. Your chance to get even . .

41 REVIEWS. Criticism, or praise, of books on magic, political espionage, food waste, New Zealand communes, the radio-carbon revolution, Findhorn, housing policy, Silbury, workers· self-management, megaliths, alternative publishing, plus some others and Round-up.




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