UC17 August-September 1976

UC17 049ofc  _______________________________________

Undercurrents No. 17 August·September 1976 Contents
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2 EDDIES. News, Scandal, Gossip, Trivia, Grotesquerie and Misery. But which is which?

8 EDITORIAL. Mostly about how this magazine comes to be.

9 PREHISTORIC COSMOLOGY. Paul Devereaux’s child’s guide to Inner technologies should lead you painlessly to greater things below.

10 SAVING YOUR OWN SEED. Lawrence Hills on growing your own vegetables and collecting the seeds: Thompson and Morgan “beware!”

14 THE OLD STONES OF LAND’S END REVISITED. Pat Gadsby and Chris Hutton Squire on their computer ley hunt.

18 THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE AND CHRISTOPHER WREN’S BEEHIVE. John Fletcher on some of the Undercurrents collective’s 17th century predecessors.

21 ‘There are no fairies at the bottom of MY garden’ says John Seymour.

23 DOWSING. A practical introduction to dowsing for the alternative technologist, by Tom Graves.

27 LETTERS. The participative particle.

29 THE LEY THAT ALWAYS WAS. A compendium of readers’ replies to our last foray into positivist ley·huntlng.

30 PRACTICAL KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY. Richard Elen’s how-to guide to the photography of the aura.

32 WOMEN AND AT. Ruth Elliott on women in what has till now been a mostly male preserve.

37 TERRESTRIAL ZODIACS. Paul Screeton describes a remarkable and ancient link between Earth and Sky.

41 REVIEWS. We savage or praise works on health, energy, meteorology, food from windmills, childbirth, dowsing, housing, more windmills, meditation, Findhom, anarchist workers, insulation and French AT.

48 WHAT’S ON. Fill up those nasty white spaces in your diary before it’s too late.

SMALL ADS. Consumer’s comer.


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