UC15 April-May 1976

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Undercurrents 15 April·May 1976 Contents
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3 EDDIES. The usual brew of News, Scandal, Gossip, Horror and Happiness.

6 LETTERS. Your chance to get your own back on us.

11 RADICAL TECHNOLOGY. Peter Harper has another stab at re·defining a strategy for what’s Left of Alternative Technology movement, in this extract from our book Radical Technology.

14 HOW TO GROW MORE VEGETABLES THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE ON LESS LAND THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. John Jeavons describes the Biodynamic/French Intensive method of horticulture, which he says could make possible an ecologically·sound system of organic ‘mini·farming’, with yields up to 16 times those of Agribusiness.

18 WHOLE FOODS FOR HALF PRICE. Get together with your friends and start a food co·op. You’ll eat better and save yourselves a lot of money. Robin Roy explains one way to do it.

19 NEW CHARGER FOR LIGHT BRIGADE. Gerry Metcalf, John Willoughby and Godfrey Boyle give the lowdown on the latest ‘Mark II’ version of the Undercurrents·LlD Wind Generator described in UC 12 and 13.

22 DC·ACi STEP RIGHT UP! With this do·it·yourself transistorised Invertor, a 12·volt DC supply from batteries can be stepped up to the normal 250 mains voltage, and turned into AC. Dave Graham tells you how.

Who Needs Nukes? – Special Feature:

24 LET’S HAVE SOME MORE RADIOACTIVITY. The anti·nuclear protest movement has succeeded in putting the nuclear power industry on the defensive. Now’s the time for us to throw open the door to a full public debate on the Nation’s energy options, says Godfrey Boyle. For a start, we could point out that a national domestic Insulation campaign would make more energy available, create more jobs and cost less than the CEGB’s new reactor programme.

27 TOWARDS A NON·NUCLEAR FUTURE. Amory Lovins argues that nuclear fission, a dangerous, unforgiving technology, is not needed to ‘tide us over’ until fusion power, or solar energy, can take over in 50 years. A far better, cheaper, safer stop··gap is energy conservation. Solar power could meet virtually all our energy needs and could be developed much more quickly than many ‘experts’ predict.

31 JOB CREATION. Dave Elliott urges an alliance between the Alternative Technology advocates and workers claiming the right to work on socially·desirable products. Specifically, we should push for a national alternative energy technology campaign, and for conversion of the armaments industry to socially valuable production.

36 PROBLEMS OF PRODUCTION FOR NEED. Tony Emerson points out some of the pitfalls involved in attempts to make industry responsive to the needs of ordinary people, and suggests some possible remedies.

40 IF YOU DON’T DIG IT, SHARE IT. Details of Friends of the Earth’s new share·a·garden scheme, which aims to put unused gardens back into production.

41 REVIEWS. Supership, by Noel Mostert. The World Turned Upside·Down and Winstanley’s Laws of Freedom, edited by Christopher Hill. Health is for People. by Michael Wilson. Vegetarian Passion, by Janet Bakis. Fertility Without Fertilisers, by Lawrence D. Hills· TIle Dome Builders’ Handbook, by John Prenis. Fuel’s Paradise, by Peter Chapman. Follies of Conservation. by George Edwards. Pontifex. by Theodore Roszak. Plus books on Workers’ self·management.



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