UC14 February-March 1976

UC14 ofc_______________________________________________________________

Undercurrents 14 February-March 1976 Contents
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3 EDDIES. Six pages of News, Scandal, Gossip, Horror and Happiness.

9 LETTERS. The Undercurrents Repressive Tolerance page.

10 BRADFORD: NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED. Reports of what happened at the conference on Industry, The Community and Alternative Technology, held at Bradford in November. By Godfrey Boyle, Dave Elliott, Diana Manning and Alan Warr.

15 NO MORE WORK FOR WORK’S SAKE. Tony Durham interviews Jack Mundey, former secretary of the New South Wales branch of the Australian Builders laborers’ Federation, who have over the last few years succeeded in placing Green Bans’ on three billion dollars worth of undesirable projects.

17 AROUND THE WORLD IN AT DAZE. Andrew MacKillop reports the progress being made in developing renewable energy sources in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Britain has a fossil fuel fixation and isn’t even in the same league as her former colonies.

21 POWER TO THE PEDAL. Frank Thompson shows how you can couple an old bicycle to an alternator to make a machine that generates electricity while it gives you exercise.

22 BUILDING HILLSIDE COTTAGE · BUILDING WITH NATURAL ENERGY. Ian Hogan talks about how, and why, he re·built a derelict cottage in Gloucestershire, and highlights the mistakes he made and the lessons he learned. He then launches i·to a poster·sized guide to building houses in a way that takes advantage of natural energy flows.

26 HELLO SAILOR! Brian Hurley describes a novel vertical·axis sail wing windmill.

27 BUTTON UP YOUR WINDOWS. John Colesby and Phil Townsend tell you how to make insulating shutters that retain more heat than double glazing but cost a lot less. Do it, and help keep the dreaded Nukes at bay.

30 THE END OF CIVILISATION AS WE KNOW IT. Dave Elliott unveils the Club of Rome’s dastardly plot to rule the world. A play for tomorrow.

33 ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA. Professor Reddy of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore argues that the introduction of inequality·reducing technologies is an essential precondition for the equitable development of his country.

37 TACTICAL NUCLEAR FUSION? Two articles by Philip Brachi show the change of mood in the Biotechnic Research and Development community since it began in 1973. Early Eithin Daze expresses the group’s initial euphoria and enthusiasm for AT hardware; Nothing Succeeds Like Failure reflects the group’s realisation that living with one another is a far more demanding · and more rewarding · task than building a solar roof.

40 AMBIENT LUCRE. Dave Elliott and Godfrey Boyle report on the Ambient Energy Stand at this year’s Interbuild exhibition in London. Amid the gleaming spot·lit ‘alternative technologies’, they found smell of greased palms, the roar of commercialism.

40 REVIEWS. The Energy Primer/Destiny Mars/Forest Energy and Economic Development and Living on the Sun, Plus reviews of new magazines and books on Oil.



50 RADICAL TECHNOLOGY _______________________________________________________________

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