UC13 November-December 1975

UC13 obc


Undercurrents 13 November-December 1975 Contents
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2 EDDIES. Six pages of news, scandal, gossip, horror and happiness.

8 DIGGERS ANCIENT AND MODERN – Nathan Moran, Martyn Partridge & Steve Hobbs: The film Winstanley and the Leeds Land for the People Conference.

10 ENERGY AND FOOD PRODUCTION – Gerald Leach: From Stonehenge to Supermarket.

15 LUCAS. Soft Technology for Hard Times – Dave Elliott sets out the back·ground to the Bradford Conference on Industry, the Community, and Alter·native Technology.

21 ALTERNATIVE ENGLAND AND WALES. An update to Nick Saunders’ guide.

29 PLANNING – A COMMUNESENSE GUIDE. Chris Day and Michael Edwards with some advice on defeating the bureaucrats at their own game.

33 NATIONAL CENTRE FOR ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGY. Gerard Morgan-Grenville sets out his view on where AT is at.

34 NUTS IN OCTOBER. Guy Dauncey on the May lectures.

35 “OON·YELLIMON TO YOU TOO”. Undercurrents grasses on transcendental meditation.

36 THE GASPERSON COMETH. An extract from L John Fry’s book The Practical Building of Methane Power Plants.

38 WOODY WINDS UP. Part 4 of his essay Towards an alternative culture: “Stop saying it and start doing it.”

39 REVIEWS. Unilever/Synerjy/Alternative England and Wales/Anarchy theory/ Magic/Truckers’ Bible/Can Britain Feed Itself?/Alternative Medicine/ Save your seed/Roundup.

47 LETTERS: your chance to get back at us.



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