UC12 September-October 1975

UC12 ofc


Undercurrents 12 September-October 1975 Contents
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1 EDDIES. The Usual Brew of News, Scandal, Eddie Currents, Gossip and Reports – and now introducing Froth.

9 LETTERS. Your chance to get your own back on us.

11 WORKERS AND THE WORLD UNITE. Workers at Lucas Aerospace are demanding the right not only to work, but to work on socially desirable ‘alternative technologies’. Dave Elliott takes a look at the background to this encouraging initiative, and examines the prospects.

16 CRABAPPLE: TWIN OAKS COMES TO WALES. A new community has been set up near Shrewsbury by a group which intends to put into practice some of B F Skinner’s behavioural theories in an attempt to avoid the conflicts which have divided many other experimental communities. A member of the group describes how they’re going about it.

19 BIOFEEDBACK. Elmer Green looks at what biofeedback means and how it can be used, and tells of the extraordinary feats of Jack Schwartz and Swami Rama in achieving control over bodily processes normally regarded as involuntary. Plus: a simple but effective do-it-yourself biofeedback device.

22 COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY. Karl Hess describes how Community Technology Inc is trying to promote small-scale, locally-controlled techniques for food and energy production in a deprived area of Washington DC.

25 COMTEK FESTIVAL: SPECIAL 8-PAGE REPORT. News, pictures and comment about the happenings at Britain’s second Community Technology Festival COMTEK 75, which took place in Bath in August.

33 TOWARDS AN ALTERNATIVE CULTURE. In this third part of his extended essay, Woody examines the concepts of the subjective group and the objective-group and suggests how the former might evolve towards the latter.

38 BAREFOOT IN THE SURGERY. Dr John Bradshaw, a medical renegade in the Illich mould, talks to Chris Hutton-Squire about Illich’s ideas, about the need for neighbourhood ‘life’ centres, and about New Medicine, an anti-establishment medical magazine he proposes to set up.

42 REVIEWS. The Red Paper on Scotland, Calgacus, Legal Frameworks Handbook, Transcendental Meditation by Jack Forem, The Survivalists by Patrick Rivers, and World Energy Strategies by Amory Lovins. PLUS The Battle of the Bubble, a totally biased Review (?) by Peter Harper of Class War Comix No 1: New Times, by Cliff Harper who is no relation.

49 WIND POWER Part II : Electric Light Orchestration. Godfrey Boyle describes how to wire up the dynamo and the associated electrical devices required for the Undercurrents – LID Wind Generator described in the last issue. PLUS wind power bibliography and Wince Wincharger product review.

52 IS YOUR ELECTRICITY REALLY NECESSARY? In spite of strong evidence that Britain already consumes far too much electrical energy, and that centralised power stations are responsible for a major portion of the energy we waste, CEGB planners seem unable to contemplate even the slightest reduction in electricity demand. Their biases show through clearly in the papers presented at a recent private CEGB symposium on Long Term Studies. Godfrey Boyle puts some of them under the magnifying glass.


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