UC07 Liberation of Communication Issue July-August 1974

UC07 ofc


Undercurrents 07 Liberation of Communication Special Issue July-August 1974  Contents
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1 Eddies: How Safe Are Our Air Lanes? 

6 Letters

7 Science Fiction Competition  – Mike Dorrell


Control & Communication:

10 The Snoopers and the Peepers

15 Confessions Of A Phone Phreak

20 Interview with Peter Laurie

24 Above The City Streets:

25 People’s Radio Primer

33 Ham Radio and TV – Cop Macdonald: The Big Switch·on is beginning 

37 Cable TV – Graham Murdock: What’s in it for the Media Moguls


41 AT in the Shade – Peter Harper: Scraping the Bottom of the Skeptic Tank 

45 Reviews

Back cover – Peoples News Service: Behaviour Modification _______________________________________________________________

UNDERCURRENTS is design­ed and edited by Sally and Godfrey Boyle. Pat Coyne edited the News, and Tony Durham edited the Reviews and took pictures. Peter Harper was editor-without-­portfolio. Typesetting was by Jenny Pennings, pictures were processed by Julian Stapleton on Time Out’s camera, and Joy Watt hand­led the subscriptions, distri­bution and promotion before dropping out to make her contribution to the population explosion (a girl).

Chris Hutton-Squire grappled manfully with the balance sheets and cash flow figures, and the people at Metro grappled personfully with the rising tide of mail. Martin lnce did astronomical work, Barbara Kern drew the nice diagrams, Gavin Browning turned us on to SF, and Charlie Clutterbuck fear­lessly sought out pollution. Support, both moral and practical, came from many quarters: David Gardiner, Pat Rivers, Sooty, Geoff Watts, Lance and Penny Sucharov, Ian Hogan, Steve Boulter, John Wood, Cliff Harper, Lyn Gambles, and Robin Hall are a few among the dozens who deserve and have our grateful thanks.


Undercurrents is published every two months (well, almost) by Undercurrents Limited, 275 Finchley Road, London NW3, England – a democratic, non-profit com­pany without share capital and limited by Guarantee. Printed by SW Litho, Cor­bridge Crescent, London E2. Registered (no doubt) as a subversive periodical at the Post Office.


COPYRIGHT. All articles in Undercurrents are Copyright @ unless otherwise stated. But we will give permission free­ly to non-profit groups who wish to reproduce our mater­ial, without charge, provided they credit Undercurrents.



Irish TV ran a documentary on the Viscount crash on June 18, and Hibernia did a similar story on June 21. Latest reports suggest that new-found wing is from a UK pilotless drone. It’s at times like these you regret that Undercurrents takes two weeks to print.


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